Killarney Plantation Town Violence Erupts in Plantation Hubs

New Year Festival of Violence erupts in Plantation Town of Kilarney

Numbers keep rising.

Who wouldnt like to live somewhere as nice as Killarney?
If those lads get their own door accommodation and bring over familes they have done the equivalent to winning the lottery.

Compare and contrast it with a family with 2 parents working and paying their taxes (spent on the fellas above) who are commuting to Dublin from an hour or more away. Or compare and contrast with the over half a million adults living with their parents because they cant afford to move out and can never have their own families. Who also see and hear the generation before them, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends etc tell of how hard raising a family is today. How little time they get with the kids, its poor quality time too. Its at the end of the day, the end of a week when everyone is tired. Kids have been in school all day followed by after school care etc etc.

It shames the Irish nation and those who came before us that the protests are not more vocal, more frequent, more unified and more pointed. The likes of RTE and other propaganda media should be picketed. Their mouthpieces and the treacherous politicians should not be able to walk the streets without being confronted or boycotted.

All as absolute minimum starting point.

The system needs to be told firmly that its time it put itself back in its place. What could follow a failure to do so is similar to what the French generals were warning about.

There are already several examples of groups of volunteer men patrolling Dublin and even places outside of Dublin. Filling the vacuum the pretend police who have allowed political policing create.

The warning signs are everywhere.