Killiney or Ballybrack?

As title says, this is more Ballybrack than Killiney, isn’t it?

its ballybrack village - end of

Looking at An post address checker, i think the agent has perhaps got the address incorrect , should be Firgrove House, 31 Firgrove, Killiney.

The directions in the ad would appear to agree with that-

So I say its Killiney.

Killiney on your post, maybe, but you’re living in Ballybrack village.

So it depends on which is more important - the address - or the location.


Ballybrack is now officially the forecourt of the applegreen station. Killiney on the other hand has developed an LA type sprawl.

Strange looking house/layout, perhaps 2 houses at one point, but not without some positives in terms of potential.

Is “charming” the EA speak for “kinda weird”?

It is in the middle of Ballybrack village, across the road from the Igo Inn and the Spar. Conor is spot-on.

Anyone who has been there knows it’s Ballybrack, there’s no argument really. I have heard the term New Killiney being used though!

New Killiney, classic!
Reminds me of a friends mother using Greystones as her address when she lived on the southern cross road in Bray. Never let mountains, townlands or a distance of miles get in the way of the address you want!

this reminds me of a place I called about in Ballybrack before that was advertised as Killiney.

After arranging a viewing I was given directions to the place. “It’s accessed via Ballybrack village” she said.
I said “is it in Ballybrack then ?”
I was assured it was Killiney but “You simply access the house down the lane beside the Ballybrack Post office.”
“Is the Ballybrack post office in Killiney?” I asked “If not where was it ?”
I didn’t bother go see it as it was “Ballybrack located / Killiney priced”

The annexing of Deansgrange by Blackrock is well documented on the Pin, wonder if the less fashionable names will make a come back if we are all put into self assessment mode for pending property taxes.

Heart of Ballybrack.

Killiney. Observe the pedestrian and other traffic that goes up and down the road that house is on, to the spar and service station, and then compare to the pedestrian traffic on the roads from the junction that lead down and out to the various council estates of the borough past and present. Also observe the verging, hedging, litter and degree of auto traffic. Two worlds. There is a kind of line drawn at that junction.

So, given that it’s pretty clearly Ballybrack (or ‘New Killiney’ as I shall think of it from now on), what would be an accurate price for it? It seems overpriced for Ballybrack.

definetly BallyBrack. i’d class ballybrack as the right up to the junction of killiney hill road.

I would call it Ballybrack too, I have herd addres’s ending in … Ballybrack village, Killiney, Co Dublin. Ballybrack Village is at the cross roads of Military road and Church road, Both roads are mostly in Killiney and have some trophy homes on them, But recentally all of the two roads have moved into Killiney taking with it Ballybrack Village.

STOP PRESS! I think I’ve located the remains of Ballybrack. It’s this manhole cover just outside the Applegreen’s forecourt. Some people believe it’s a tear in the space-time fabric of Killiney through which Bono entered our earthly dimension. By spooky coincidence, Google street view seems to have caught the Enterprise in the process of transitioning to warp speed right beside it.

Here’s the official map of ballybrack. … allybrack/