Kiltimagh's White Elephant

This place is flipping massive. It’s like an Anglo building sitting on a bohreen.
I’m sort of amazed it ‘only’ cost €7m. If it did. … 4,0,-4.07

At least it sits well with the surrounding country side, no wait…

Website - it’s a single page with no links. How much was paid for this work of art? Whose cousin got the contract and received thousands for this piece of rubbish?

How many of them are there? How many millions were pissed down the drain in this way? And still happening!

Agenda Item 1: Make a List (Check, bonuses all round)
Item 2: Set up a website…

Picture of some fibre optic cables - Check
Picture of a smartphone/PDA - Check
Picture of an Airplane - Check

Good to go!

Aaaagh what a monumental waste of money! And in the arse end of Mayo for fecks sake.

Did you see the drawing with the people in suits outside and the BMW in the background?
Sure if its bringing more BMW’s to Kiltimagh that has to be a good thing. … -1.2357064

Looks like Enda has his own little Greek problem in his own background. Somebody send the German tax collectors immediately.

When I was reading this yesterday I noted that no connection was made between the development organisation allowing a second hotel to be built on commercial land out of town and the existing hotel going out of business.

They seem very keen on pulling property down and building new stuff. At some point you have to say “build it and they will come” as a philosophy doesn’t work but people associated with the development organisation get paid to build stuff first.

I also looked yesterday quickly at daft and there wasn’t so much property for sale and in the estates all the properties which were for sale were for sale at the same price.
It seemed that if you wanted a derelict the price was about 40k euro and a very humble modern habitable home was 70k.

Only one property was sold in six figures in 2015

02/09/2015 €55,000.00 8 RATHCLUAIN, KILTIMAGH, CO MAYO
21/08/2015 €189,000.00 KILCON, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
17/08/2015 €45,000.00 9 RATHCLUAIN, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
31/07/2015 €49,000.00 34 RATHCLUAIN, CIRCULAR RD, KILTIMAGH
30/07/2015 €55,000.00 54 RATHCLUAIN VILLAGE, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
28/07/2015 €49,000.00 35 Rahcluain Village, Kiltimagh
03/07/2015 €45,000.00 36 RATHCLUAIN, CIRCULAR RD, KILTIMAGH
04/06/2015 €25,000.00 4 CORDONAGH, KILTIMAGH, CO MAYO
20/05/2015 €25,000.00 THORNHILL, KILTIMAGH, CO. MAYO
30/04/2015 €37,000.00 TREENAGLERAGH, KILTIMAGH, CO. MAYO
20/04/2015 €46,000.00 CORDARRAGH, KILTIMAGH, CO. MAYO
01/04/2015 €99,000.00 GREYFIELD, KILTIMAGH, CO MAYO
23/03/2015 €45,000.00 41 RATHCLUAIN, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
16/03/2015 €50,000.00 9 FOXFIELD PARK, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
25/02/2015 €70,000.00 No 48 Rathcluain, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo
20/02/2015 €80,000.00 AIDEN ST, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
19/01/2015 €56,000.00 10 FOXFIELD PARK, KILTIMAGH, MAYO
14/01/2015 €60,000.00 50 RATHCLUAIN, KILTIMAGH, MAYO.

I know the rural resettlement idea has been debated here and there. I know that it does nothing for people’s employment prospects if you put them in a place as economically inactive as Kiltimagh.

But at the same time, you can easily purchase a family house for €50k.

You could buy three of these a day for what Dublin City Council spends on homeless services.