Kiltipper, how long before sub 100k 2 beds.

This has to be one of the first areas that will see sub 100k 2 beds
and even then they’ll be over priced. I believe there are a lot
of investment properties up there(The Proverbial Gard with 3 investment properties)
and rents are a falling although still looking for €
How could you ever sell with this many competing properties
and I only listed half of whats on offer.

All 2 beds. Kiltipper, Tallaght, D.24
€139,950 10 Marlfield Grove, Kiltipper
€150,000 71 Deerpark Close, Kiltipper Way
€159,000 57 Kiltipper Gate
€159,950 16 Marlfield Grove, Kiltipper
€165,000 52 Deerpark Drive, Kiltipper
€165,000 53 Deerpark Avenue, Kiltipper
€165,000 29 Deerpark Close, Kiltipper
€169,000 31 The Lawn, Marlfield, Kiltipper
One bed:
€99,950 Apt. 21 Deerpark Place, Kiltipper

There’s a lot of people with backs to the wall who are holding out on credit and personally I don’t see any improvement soon

they will set the market

39k no more no less would be my offer for such gaffs

I backed out of buying a 3bed unit in marlfield from the affordable (heh) housing scheme a few years ago,
they were looking for 225 for it at the time, the lack of basic building quality was deeply deeply scary there

TWG’s estimate above may not be far from the truth when this is finished.

Is that nominal or real?

Just on this…

There is a market. We always have people who want to buy. Right now, however, they will not buy because selling prices are not where they consider value to be. So if you wanted to sell you just have to fall to meet the market. Sellers are not doing this because historically in living memory (most of the last 10 years) buyers rose to meet the market.

If you brought down those apartments the 20K you’re talking…do you seriously think they will sell? And if they don’t sell, you can’t say they’re being sold at the correct value.

Market is there. Sellers are delusional. Buyers can afford to wait. Second guessing the eventual level is now a waste of time. What matters is what would sell now. If they are not selling then they are priced too high.

Exactly… The statement in itself is an example of classic self delusion.

The decade long train-wreck rumbles on…slowly but surely.

€124,950…2 Bed, 1 Bath
10 Deerpark Drive, Kiltipper, Dublin 24
History date event
27 May 2010* Price changed: from ‘€149,950’ to ‘€124,950’
19 April 2010* Initial entry found. [Found by n/a]

Thats priced about right Id say. Doesnt mean it will sell though. Loads of supply in that area. Could end up being offered below its build cost.

About right for what?

I’m not sure I understand who is in the market for 2 beds in the far burbs. Historically they have been bought by BTL who are understandably pretty scarce now. The other market was FTBs getting their foot on the ladder. Any FTBs who plan on having kids aren’t going to want a 2 bed in case they get trapped in it. Are there enough doggedly single people to fill the burbs?

There are too many apartments in the suburbs, and not enough people to fill em. Apartments should be for city centre/inner city. The Kiltipper area used to be greenfields a few years ago, and it is not particularly central to anything. Luas/Square is a good 20 mins walk I’d say, maybe more. There are hundreds of apartments at the Square which I could see some sort of demand for (not that much now)

Well, I guess I’m doggedly single, but I also want my own garden, so if even the likes of I don’t want them, I don’t know who does. That’s one thing that has left me increasingly bewildered about Dublin’s property distribution- the number of sprawling apartment complexes going up in fields.

I’m not bewildered. The obvious key priority was not utility but short term developer profits. I do not agree with the planning decisions that were made to allow this.

We’re not denying the amenities. It just strikes me as territory for family houses rather than pile 'em high, flog 'em dear apartments.

EDIT- OK, not as dear as they used to be, but still…

I totally agree. It’s one thing to talk in abstract terms about people buying houses, but very often in Dublin I struggle think of a real-life, actual human being (their age, gender, job, income, marital/kids status etc.) who would actually pay money for a property.

And by 20 mins you actually meant 36 mins? Or is that EA 20 mins?,-6.357479+to:kiltipper+gate+tallaght+ireland&hl=en&geocode=Fc0cLQMdX-ye_yll6AI3SgtnSDHw6iXDhwnp9w%3B%3BFQbXLAMdu8ae_yl5Y6ZG0XRnSDEurzr5-ZYUwA&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=14&via=1&dirflg=w&sll=53.278555,-6.3638&sspn=0.022684,0.077162&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=14

Google gets it wrong, if you were walking or driving, you’d go through Ayelsbury & by Tallaght Stadium, I edited the route and it shows 2.2km.
Still a fair ould walk though. You can grab the 49 bus nearer … =UTF8&z=15

Plus an hour sitting on the Luas to town… that red line is SOOOO slow. Busarus to Connolly - WTF were they thinking.

Yep, it wrecks my head! I live equidistant between a luas stop and a bus stop and I always get the bus into town unless its rush hour.