King Charles III - the last King of England

It looks like Liz is in the last 18 months of her reign.

The younger royal’s woke messaging on race, environment, slavery etc seems to be utterly failing.

Interesting critique of Liz from a Royalist Loon perspective

Charles the turd


A drag queen named Cheddar Gorgeous will also perform in the Platinum Jubilee pageant

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Supporters booed loudly throughout the singing of the national anthem, performed by the singer songwriter RAYE, having earlier disrupted the traditional Cup final hymn, ‘Abide With Me’. There were also jeers when The Duke of Cambridge - who later presented the FA Cup to Liverpool’s winning captain Jordan Henderson - was introduced to both teams before kick-off.

Liverpool fans’ booing of the national anthem at cup finals in which their team are represented is a long-standing tradition in its own right, but their latest outburst - just weeks before the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee - has drawn sharp criticism from across the political divide.


I thought it was a heart-warming display of Scousism myself; their contempt for the England national team and the royal family has never been a secret.

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Extremely stupid for a future monarch to pick a fight with cabinet. Will he even get to be King of England? Could they pass him over

Senior Conservatives have insisted that the Government’s Rwanda policy is “the right thing to do”, after the Prince of Wales reportedly described the plan as “appalling”.
Simon Clarke, the chief secretary to the Treasury, said ministers had “tried everything” to tackle dangerous, illegal Channel crossings, adding: “Unless people are saying we should just accept this, we need a new approach.”
Other Conservative MPs went further, urging Prince Charles to stay out of politics.
One backbencher said: “Charles needs to wake up because if he’s not careful he’s going to put the monarchy in difficulty. The reality is he’s basically the crown prince now, the heir apparent. It’s not his place.”
The interventions come after Clarence House insisted that Prince Charles remained “politically neutral”, following the disclosure of his remarks about the Government’s plan to deport migrants to Rwanda.

Charlie is actually foolish enough to think the solution is more wokeness. In a fully woke world how would a “royal family” have a future?

He believes that the Commonwealth is “uniquely placed” to lead the fight against climate change, deepening economic ties while focusing on sustainable growth.
He will outline how he thinks the institution should “evolve”, a palace source said.
It came amid fears that many countries are poised to quit when the Prince becomes king, having maintained their ties with the Royal family only out of respect and loyalty to the Queen.

Australia and Jamaica have been earmarked as those most likely to next become republics, although have not yet signalled a desire to leave the Commonwealth.

Such moves could lead to the long-term collapse of the union that has a combined population of 2.5 billion.

One source in the royal household was last Sunday quoted as saying: “The concern at the Palace is that will loosen the ties that bind. Jamaica is halfway out of the door and people have been looking very closely at what has been said in Australia.
“The big fear – and it is not one they can do anything about – is that Australia is next to become a republic.”

First suitcases of cash from the Saudis, now another suitcase of cash from Bin Laden.

Where’s the public inquiry?


The Duke of Cambridge has intimated that he wants to tear up the royal rulebook – but first he and his team must set about compiling a new one. I for one will watch with interest


Last week, HRH’s legacy was essentially solidified when the hashtag #PrinceOfPegging started trending on Twitter. The hashtag was based on a tip from DeuxMoi, an Instagram account that publishes (completely unverified) celebrity blind items. One of the blind items last week centered on a British royal whose extramarital affairs are “an open secret in London and amongst the English aristo set.” The blind item reads as follows: “At a recent media party, I was told the real reason for the affair was the royal’s love of pegging, which his wife is far too old-fashioned to engage in. The wife doesn’t mind her and in fact prefers her husband getting his sexual needs met elsewhere, as long as things don’t become emotional, which was the case with the last woman.”

Im not googling pegging.

Well, that’s reassuring to discover that he’s just like the rest of us. :smiley: :innocent: :icon_redface:

Speak for yourself!! :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

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No I have no idea either what pegging involves, but it doesn’t matter, peggers gonna peg

Not looking good.

Sounds like prep for the big announcement.

A stroke I imagine. But that would be too much to say. Have to drip feed the shock


Nicholas Witchell, the BBC’s royal correspondent, said there have been “rumours of cancers” in recent speculation over the Queen’s health but no confirmation.

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Charles the turd + Liz Truss, what a combo

She could already be dead.

Hope she isn’t but for the fact our national broadcaster will spend the week fawning over her otherwise.

I wondered did she die last November just before all the palaver in Luxor (Egypt).
Egypt reopens ancient Avenue of Sphinxes with Luxor parade

Certainly, for BBC1 to spend the whole afternoon commentating on this, the family arriving, and Huw Edwards wearing a black tie, it’s hard to see how they return to ‘normal programming’ from this juncture.