Surely Blamegame gets a mention in there?

@Open_Window - This is fascinating. Kinzen are basically the internet Special Branch. It really is like the 70s and 80s. The whole tone of it is a briefing in the DoJ about “subversives”.

@Pill. I have no particular Covid expertise and little science knowledge but I am an expert at observing the Free State establishment and the easily propagandized mob from observing their Anti-Republicanism since childhood. And my prediction for Fianna Fáil is they’ll sink below 10% in opinion polls. Nothing that the establishment does surprises me. They’re predictable. I still had some small faith before the IMF - that went.

Ohh, you think darkness is your ally? I was born in it, molded by it . I didnt see the light until I was already a man and by then it was nothing but blinding. The shadows betray you, because they belong to ME

Look, the “irish” media is full of :ghost:they even hold top positions in state broadcasters who serve up the “news”, it’s been this way probably forever (we get the idea and ideal of news media, but the reality diverges greatly and does not live up to the ideal on closer inspection one bit, now that everyone is the media, it is even easier and more instant to see), the infiltration and messaging had become a lot more relentless since around 2015, there is more to it than that but you get the point.

I called out this shyte specifically back in March, capturing a Kinzen operative playing some mind games, all these operatives with their media free pass, Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix - #16 by Open_Window

The journal one of the many warehousing spaces for the operatives:

Opinion: That dodgy Covid story you saw on Facebook here in Ireland? It probably came from abroad first

…One of the more surprising examples of this has been the rallies in support of the “Stop the Steal” pro-Trump movement on the streets of Tokyo. Movements like Q-Anon, leaderless and emboldened by the communication powers of the modern ecosystem, allow local influencers to adopt key narratives and figure out their own ways to reshape or reframe them. Doing so allows them to make the disinformation most palatable to that local audience. It’s a form of A/B testing that works so powerfully in modern marketing.

The motivations for the people behind all this may vary from politics to money, but there is also no question that fame plays a large role. Underlying this group are the people who pass on the message, whether through willful deception on their part, or perhaps more accidentally by people who think they’re helping family or friends.

Yep the media have known better thant anybody else how family and friends should interact with each other - See the pattern here?

Tony doesn’t write those daily sermons do you think? :whistle:

… as we look forward to tomorrows twitter posts, we should think about how we can distance ourselves from the misinformation so we ourselves are not spreading it, and if we think we haven’t a clue, then we should stop posting online, isolate our thoughts for 14 days and call the local factcheck office to send out a test kit or qualified professional for a call back and phone survey…

Opinion: We are drawn to negative emotions like fear - and the infodemic exploits that

Beauty bosses, role models and a former Olympian: 5 highlights to see on National Women’s Enterprise Day

Beauty giants and productivity pros: 5 speakers to check out at National Women’s Enterprise Day

The playbook is identical all over the world.

It’s 2021 you still use “irish” media brands as your only source of information not only are you a lamb to the slaughter both metaphorically and literally now but you run the risk of a complete mental breakdown. I wish I was joking and I mean no harm by that comment.

The links in the PDF’s look to be trackable by Kinzen, i.e. it may pass through their own serves and in-house or out-house tracking suite and whatever else… whoops.


Oh how the worm turns.

This Kinzen crowd seem creepy. Scary interview with Co-founder Aine Kerr is better than anything in IT. I wonder, given Aine Kerr’s CV, how deep the links to Facebook are ?

She could cut down on the Emperor Palpatine routine if she wants to appear trustworthy

‘People are hungry for order in the chaos’

Kerr and her co-founders Paul Watson and Storyful founder Mark Little want to create a news experience that the user can control.

Hmm so the users are controlling the experience :thinking:

Kerr has seen first-hand how the level of online disinformation came to be what it is currently. While working as managing editor of Storyful, she helped the company bring “content from the margins to the mainstream honest broker”.
At Facebook, Kerr headed up global journalism partnerships in New York up until 2017. These experiences, Kerr says, have led up to the creation of Kinzen and a single question: “How do you build trust in between people and journalism?”

Comedy gold - she cites her Facebook experience as a sign of her trustworthiness.

we need everyone from librarians, teachers, NGOs, right up to the platforms, to play their part”.

Good old NGOs!

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Gript publishing this today makes one think they have the next part for tomorrow.

Based on gripes sign off, know who got what if they removed names, which means they know which departments or sections of government got what if more than health department - no reason that could not be released without compromising individual privacy tomorrow, the state is the state is the state.

We’re in your name is on a list territory big time now, this is what regimes are really good at being really bad at and no-one likes surprise less than a Regime.

Tomorrows news might validate a infamous “drop”, we watch & wait :popcorn:

I disagree. There isn’t the slightest fear in government or civil service about this. This state fears it’s rebel element, but this kind of information warfare will be explained away. As I said a month ago we were only a short way from comparing the unvaxxed to republican subversive bombers. This is just a symptom of that

Snowden said we’re all on a list. Just a question of how high/low.


Hand in Glove

Deputy Mattie McGrath, leader of the group, said that “we now know that HSE bureaucrats intently used such surveillance material to brazenly have social media posts by journalists, academics and Oireachtas members removed from Twitter…this entire situation is a grotesque interference with the freedom of expression and stinks of this government’s overreach and draconian control over people’s freedom.”

Follow up coverage:

The manipulation by Big Tech of the public discourse by manipulating information, with the tacit blind eye approval of the forever Regime, has been going on for years, it become most manifest in the lead up to the 8th.

The majorities search results where gamed, and might still be.

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Archived link:

I believe Ivor Cummings called this “sinister” but it’s kinda of hilarious. One does also wonder, are the public even suppose to see this site / dashboard? :whistle:

Nice one, Clowns! :joy:

2020 so hope not up before. Warning, you’ll have to listen to Little :face_vomiting: