Kitchen, bathroom and furniture recommendations please!


Would recommend campbell kitchens
Especially if you need design help as well as the fitting, e.g. in my case where space was limited and not very well laid out, and unit size non standard. Prices were comparable to going down the ikea route.

No connection other than as a satisfied customer.


For furniture, lela and I bought some nice stuff at the new Scandanavian store, Soul, in Beacon Sandyford. It’s not cheap but it’s such a breath of fresh air from the soul destroying tour of the usual furniture suspects that we had been carrying out for weeks on end.

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Try this

Furniture and all sorts


Thanks for all the tips folks…



sorry for bringing up this old thread but just recently had our kitchen installed from Murdoch Troon
looks great, we just have to fully equip it now


It does look nice. Is it all solid wood? Might I ask how much it cost? Do you work for the company?