Knockmacool Lodge, Co Cork - old style new build … rk/2589155

What would it cost to build this? Probably the best execution of a new build pastiche I’ve seen in a long time.

Asking 850k was 1.1m … 25980.html

Half a mil for the house I’d imagine.

Landscaping more again.

Very nice house.

I think it’s horrific. Proportions are wrong everywhere and the BER isn’t great either.

The proportions inside are difficult to judge, since it’s obviously been shot with a very short lens, making every room look like a corridor. That does suggest that the rooms are quite small, which is difficult to reconcile with the floor area, or else that the photographer was determined to get the whole of each room into a single picture, rather than shooting from a couple of vantage points. This hardly does the vendor any favours, given how much less the server space for another few K of pictures and a few minutes of camera time will cost, compared with €850K for a house. Very much a false economy.

I think if you’re planning to spend 850k on a house in Cork, you’d arrange a meatspace visit rather than be deterred or convinced by some pictures on the interwebs. … 25980.html
from the Examiner article-

I think we’ve seen before the BER rating is as much a box ticking exercise as a real world measurement.

I like the house. I like the way it seems to be a single storey from the front and then opens up into a larger two storey height at the back. In this way it is understated and blends in more to its surroundings.

The rooms are pretty decent in size, with 6.5m x 5m being very ‘generous’, as an EA might say, for a living room. The bedrooms also have pretty square dimensions to them, rather than rectangular.

That BER rating is fine.

Overall, the house is far nicer than a typical McMansion of the period. I’m not sure it is worth the money though.

Lovely house but its in Enniskeane. Not a popular area for anyone who isnt originally from the area, I imagine it would sell easily closer to Clonakilty or Kinsale