Knowledge Economy My H.........hernia

Bottom of this link. This is simply dismal news in any wannabee modern economy :imp: … 0544.shtml

Especially in rural or semi rural areas .

So as there is no 'plumbing ’ for it there shall be no knowledge economy.

save in Dublin of course.

u can always use satelite … i2=6&i6=31

still…your point holds, it is dismal. I hate the current government.

COuld small community groups in towns and estates not set up wi-max and wi-max the country out of it… in a relay manner. Then it wouldn’t be broadcasting.

Satellite is absolutely rubbish , 3rd world stuff.

Wireless is now common in rural areas , a mixed bag of good excellent and utterly rubbish operators so check them out first.

This govt provided fiber optic links around all towns withpopulations over 2,000. The telecom providers will not use the links because they like to build (ie own) their own infastructure. The constructioin of the fiberr optic links kept the construction workers in the towns happy for a few months.

I notice a sharp decline in the number of people taking high level computer science courses. Ireland has found a way to become an economic superpower on the back of buying/selling real estate.

Has anybody seen the tv commercial for Innovation Ireland? (I think that’s the name of the government crowd…)…It’s a joke - a man and a woman walking around an office, saying “if you want to change anything in your office…just do it” (well, sort of)…it’s ridiculous. Basically Innovation? Yes, go innovate something!..i.e. BS…“Go DIY it”…and that’ll never work…

Innovation is triggered by making people think about issues, in a clever way…starting with e.g. television programmes that dare to differ…Innovation is out-of-the-box…and that’s what’s missing…

personally I believe that there is an oppurtunity: Ireland is facing an oil crisis because of its dependency…it’s inevitable…By stimulating innovation in the fields on environment, renewable energy sources etc…what I’m saying: there is a great oppurtunity…

But when I saw that commercial, I thought…unfortunately it i wasted…
Next time I see it, I’ll check for an e-mail address so I can tell them that it is a pathetic excuse for a commercial to stimulate innovation…

That’s been happening since 2001, the year I started in University. My course dropped from 510 points in 1999 to 365 in 2001, how’s that for the laws of supply and demand. It’s now impossible from what I can see for industry in Ireland to hire quality graduates. It’s hard to blame the grads either, salaries in the industry aren’t fantastic by any stretch of the imagination.


And yes, it is a load of old pony… But very funny the way yer man is always lashing past the camera… Very dynamic altogether!!! :smiley:

Its not funny at all proclaims

And even that much TIMES OUT ERROR 404 on dialup which is the only way that over half of all workplaces can access it in Ireland today :slight_smile:

Its essentially as useless as trying to teach motorway driving skills on a bog road .

No wonder Micheal Martin will never be Taoiseach . I assume he is responsible for this expensive farce.

I’m going to send them an e-mail…don’t know if it’ll help, the thing is…I think it is essential to the future of Ireland

I’ve had a brief look at their site (thanks, TUG) and strategies and the first impression is not too good…there’s no framework or real plan…it seems to put innovation forward as a word that’s going to save us but lacks a clear strategy and the website is a good example of how not to inspire people…at leasr I didn’t see anything mindblowing that made me go ‘wow’…we have a chance at success…I’ll have a closer look…but is downright boring to read…

I was in Holland for a couple of days and was watching a program on Cradle to Cradle (instead of Cradle to Grave) engineering…basically you design a product with minimum impact on environment…It’s easy to assemble and just as easy to pull apart…I have a link - the comment is in dutch I’m afraid, but most the interviews in English… (50 minutes, broadband required…oops, what did I say there!?)…I’m an engineer by trade already but it really got me thinking about how innovation with a low environmental impact and built with higher energy efficiency can really make a difference here in Ireland…In fact I think we’d be in trouble if we missed this oppurtunity… is not giving me a good feeling about this…

We are drifting away from House prices or should i say ****** ******? :slight_smile:

Anyway, important to the future of Ireland…I’ll let you know if I get a response…

I see the DAA knocking out adverts all the time, I’ve seen these workplace adverts (while there is a massive lack of labour inspectors to uphold the law on min standards) and all the stupid power of fucking one ads (while we decide to take an alternative energy back seat and let the power hungry let the money hungry develop power hungry towns and cities)

Why? because the whole dam shop is out of stock, this vending machine is empty, the cuckoo is off speculating on nests while importing clocks from a far while the Bee’s are eating their own honey! We are out of time NO NEW IDEAS here , nothing to see folk move along!

The minister for umbrellas is up in the sky right now doing a dodgy deal with the off shore cloud makers, while he tells us to buy umbrellas before its too late (without declaring his vested interest in far east rainy day factories) while the Minister for Wind & HOT air lashes us with gusts that rip apart our umbrellas like they are made of paper, wait they are made of paper! Then you realize you’ve had too many cocktails to know the difference between bad & good.

PR & SPIN Marketing grips the throats of states agencies and binds them to the new propaganda of fear, we must look busy, the art of how to do nothing but look busy.
Polished messages of film flam only serving those private sector dragons are heavily consulted, unquestioned and paid handsomely, it binds us to slab

We have government condoned DO NOT ROCK THE BOAT sideshows.

The boat has sunk. The skunk has pissed all over your little jobs for the boy’s tea party & the goats are being herded up as we speak. It’s a Red sky at DAWN and the Bomb is being passed as we speak, the politicos are colorblind and don’t know which wire to cut, they already resemble last years birthday cake, stale and rock hard.

Phew OW 8) Metonymy overload 8) !

Can we not just organise a little knowledge economy and then a lot of knowledge economy , like the Koreans did say ???

I used to know a little, now I know a lot. I’m still Bertie from the block.

I just looked on Eircom’s website and the best non-business offer is 3Mb speed with a 30g limit. Is that for real? Are there other broadband providers with better deals?

I currently have 8Mb + unlimited downloads for £14.99pm. To get anything like that with Eircom you have to get a business package costing €169 + vat and 6Mb is the fastest you’ll get even if you are sitting on top of the exchange. That’s total bullshit! Why the fuck am I considering moving back home? :open_mouth:

You can match your package in the big cities for about €50-60 a month including line rental but you must go with Magnet or Smart .

Everywhere else!!! yes you are correct Iguana.

Its begins with the internet, its global baby 8) theres no stopping it
now (except of course in bally-banana-backwater where the ear to the ground is more important than that which shoots from the ground in glorious adoration of the solar free energy device, oh no, its the sound the man in his JCB cab that grinds over sense, hes no fear of hitting a super highway conduit, not a fuckin flying chance… yet he is the reason the real threat, as they build sprawling vacancy faster that we can say Bat O’keffe would you shut up you’re the dogs bark with no bite, go back to bed)

Batt represents Cork North West , probably the most broadband free zone in all of Ireland. I cannot think of any constituency thats worse.

No wonder he is frothing at the mouth with his mad 'buy ’ recommendations.

THe Knowledge Economy is DEAD long live the Dodo Economy

It don’t get no clearer than this,

**1st Sweden £0.33p 1Mbp/mth

16th (yes you guess it) IRELAND £7.02 1Mbp/mth**

(based on average prices)

Ireland’s broadband pricing is a disgrace … -disgrace/

Is that uncapped bandwidth for Ireland? I doubt it. You can hardly call it broadband if you can hit the cap inside of a day or three.

Also, not sure how accurate the survey is, because it takes positive effort to spend that much on broadband in Spain, at least in the cities - we’re paying 30 odd euro for uncapped ADSL2+, which can hit 24MBit if you’re close enough, though we get 15Mbit at best.

Still, it’s a long way from completing with the likes of Sweden’s bredbandsbolaget.