Krugman Space Alien Attack Stimulus Plan

Video embedded (funnier) go to link… … e-economy/

Also you tube version here…

My version

Krugman : “This would end the slump 18 months…”
OW: " … I believe it would also end the human race …"

WWII was great.


He starts to blush as he explains his analogy.

He’s probably thinking “What the fuck are these words coming out of my mouth, they’re going to tear me a new one on the interwebs”

If you watch close enough you see a super fast smile, a very fast nano smirk more so on the left side of his face as we look to him. This is a tell that he knows he is up to mischief. I spotted it on second watch on the youtube version. I didn’t notice the blush I’ll watch again! :slight_smile: