Kudos to the PIN !

Just wanted to relate an anecdote for the PIN readership.

We had to sell the family home as our mum went into care last October.
Thanks to the PIN I counselled my siblings to make the asking price aggressively low with a view to a quick sale.
The logic being that the property market would only go lower, and that moreover the longer the house sat empty, the greater the risk of it being vandalised.
It is a 1950s bungalow in the northeast, not far from Dundalk.
We put it on the market for 185k which at the time seemed like a ‘bargain’ relative to similar properties in the area; which were mostly priced above 250-300k but of course which were (and are) not selling.
We got three bidders, starting opening bids around 160k and they managed to bid it up to 190k.
We agreed on the sale last January but, amazingly, the sale only closed last week.
Hard to say exactly why it took so long, the buyer’s solicitor raised some issues about the contract, it went back and forth for a few iterations, and then finally was signed around 2 months ago.
Since then it was just a question of when the closing would happen but even with a signed contract in the current market, nothing is a certainty.
I was really nervous that it would not go through as in the interim the market has moved further down and what seemed like maybe a ‘great’ price last December does not seem so incredible today.
Anyway, this is a story with a happy ending thanks to what I learned from reading the PIN.
So a big thank you to all the wise posters here who helped inform our opinion !


(Is the name a Flann O’Brien reference by any chance?)

Yes, well spotted.

Nicely played :slight_smile:

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Never posted this before but back in the day, I was going to be 3 Gaffs before someone sent me to check out the pin with its strange, here-be-monsters talk of LTVs, yields, stress testing, empties and the like…

Shudders - the third one was going to be an apartment :open_mouth:

So a long overdue thanks!

IF I ever meet a Pinster randomly, pints on me :smiley:

(Could happen! Met Brendan Burgess at a gig recently!!)

I propose a donation button on the Pin, where people can express their gratitude materially.

I propose a poll of posters - top 20 as voted by the Pin Massive - with each having a donate button next to them.

Let bring a bit of the virtual jungle to the table! :nin