Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?



Edge of Wonder’s output is dominated by the nonsense I attacked in Counterknowledge . The beyond-parody title of one episode says it all: ‘Ancient Civilisations Modified Human DNA with SECRET Pyramid Technology.’ But the conspiracy theory it pushes hardest is the notorious QAnon, a version of the Illuminati myth in which America is controlled by a criminal ‘Deep State’ run by the Clintons, Barack Obama, George Soros and Bill Gates with help from the Bush family and bloodthirsty neocons.

This Deep State is behind the international drugs trade, human trafficking, the Mafia and Big Pharma. Its latest weapon of mass destruction is, of course, Covid-19, manufactured by its Chinese allies and spread by radiation from Huawei’s 5G’s towers that weaken the immune system. Or something. There are several rival Covid-5G theories out there; Edge of Wonder’s is probably the only one that incorporates hidden Chinese pyramids.

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Wonder why they’re so afraid of what he has to say. :thinking:

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“Alan Dershowitz Addresses the Systematic Destruction of the U.S. Constitution”

Mandatory Vaccination. Tough luck sucker


O say do you see…


The world in 2020 and surviving it.

A lung attacking virus you say, 2020 you say?


Another video Kung Flu’d. :icon_rolleyes:


Down the rabbit hole - Is Facebook’s algorithm feeding Covid conspiracies?

THERE are fears that Facebook’s algorithm could be “radicalising” Irish social media users, and directing them down rabbit holes which promote conspiracy theories about Covid-19.

It comes as social networks scramble to remove links to a questionable “documentary” from a discredited scientist, who incorrectly claims that wearing masks “activates” the virus.

An investigation by the Irish Independent and First Draft, an international network of journalists analysing misinformation during the global pandemic, found Irish conspiracy theory Facebook pages have been sharing and discussing the ‘Plandemic’ documentary.

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Indo - Infodemic agents activated :heavy_check_mark:

Lock step!


Things hotting up in the Crucible of public opinion

We’re facing the greatest psychological operation in history’: Peter Ebdon reveals his coronavirus conspiracy theory as former snooker world champion claims social distancing tactic to slow infection rate is HARMFUL

Former snooker world champion Peter Ebdon has claimed society is facing ‘the greatest psychological operation in history’ and claims it has been brainwashed by the media regarding the coronavirus.

The 49-year-old, who retired from snooker in April due to a chronic neck problem, claimed social distancing to help prevent the spread is proving to be harmful and encouraged listeners to do the opposite and shake hands in order to ‘build up immunity’.
He also directed listeners to a controversial website, often mentioned by high-profile conspiracy theorist David Icke.
‘There’s an awful lot of brainwashing going on at the moment,’ Ebdon told BBC Radio 5 Live.

'We’re facing the greatest psychological operation in history.

‘Is social distancing harmful? Yes, it probably is. People need touch, need to shake hands. They need to build up their immunity.’

The comments were met with bewilderment on social media, with a number expressing their concern at a public figure making such claims.

Ebdon became world champion when he famously beat Stephen Hendry at the Crucible back in 2002.

Ebdon is not the first sportsman to come out publicly with conspiracy theories relating to the pandemic.

Former Arsenal and England defender Sol Campbell claimed that the virus was man-made earlier this month while [boxer Amir Khan suggested] it was linked to 5G phone networks.

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These corona virus conspiracy stories are perfect for all you keyboard warriors safely encounced in your basements.
Just perfect!


You mean the dun dun dannn… Infodemic!

The push comes as a representative from the WHO travelled to Silicon Valley to speak directly to tech firms about the spread of false information.

The WHO has labelled the spread of fake news on the outbreak an “infodemic”.


what do you do apart from regurgitating conspiracy theories?
If it’s all a hoax go work/volunteer in a nursing home, an er or an icu
Go work in a prison or a meat factory in or even drive a bus.
Nope it’s much easier and safer to stay behind your keyboard pondering the porfundity of the latest Q drop.


Is anyone actually saying that, or is this a straw man you have created because the idea of people questioning and discussing these events, is in some way psychologically uncomfortable to you?


A: I sometimes LOL at crap ad-hominems or I ban the user(name) forever. Welcome to the New Tyranny.

Who said anything about a hoax?

Oh you did.



Cute but ffs… unless of course it rains or get’s a bit windy then yea that’s cool.


Posted this back a decade ago but worth watching again for historical perspective.

60 Minutes with Mick Wallace (1976).