Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?


Two days ago the UK enacted its coronavirus emergency powers act, despite only days before having downgraded this coronavirus from High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) to simply Infectious Disease (like flu or cold) having low overall mortality. 359 pages of legislation and schedules. Normally such legislation takes years to develop and push through parliament. But the coronavirus threat to Britain was only acknowledged as recently as January. Are we supposed to believe the legislation was developed in a couple of months? No way, which supports the original poster’s thesis that this ‘crisis’ has been thoroughly planned.

Note regarding application of the legislation to Northern Ireland: The legislation defines infection as meaning infection by the specific virus causing covid-19. ‘Spread of infection’, however, can refer to any type of infection, it could be a simply a cold. In practice this enables the authorities to detain people (or restrict them in other ways) simply for having a cold.


You’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.


Interesting, sounds a bit patriot-act-esque, on that note, has anyone looked any of the emergency legislation passed in Ireland by the interim puppet government?

Ron Paul release video and then Rand Paul tested positive.


I’d give the concept of predictive programming some credence. All of these events have been planned long in advance (September 11, Boston Bombings, Corona 19, Trump’s presidency etc). Then they sprinkle popular culture (TV shows, books, cartoons etc) with hints and references to these future events. :gargled:


The response to the COVID-19 pandemic launched the largest human experiment in world history. At the moment of writing these lines, over a third of the global human population is forced into confinement. Furthermore, the global economy came to a screeching halt as several governments ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses. Never in world history have we seen such sweeping and far-reaching measures that affect each individual at such a profound level. In a matter of weeks, the ability of billions to move around freely and to earn a livelihood completely vanished.

While these measures are said to be temporary in order to strop the propagation of the virus, an important fact remains: They’ve actually become a reality. And this means that they can easily become a reality at any point and time in the future.

Although it is comforting to think that our governments have our health and best interests at heart, it is rather naive to believe that the most powerful people in the world do not see this pandemic as an amazing opportunity. One of the elite’s favorite sayings is “never let a good crisis go to waste”. And this crisis is definitely not going to waste. This pandemic has enabled the “testing” of various authoritarian measures that are exactly in line with the world elite’s long-term plans. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a better plan to simultaneously terrify, isolate, subdue, impoverish and demoralize a society as a whole – creating the perfect context to reshape to fit specific interests…

The first “symptom” of COVID-19 was the complete takeover of mass media on a global level. Nearly every media source – no matter its target audience or niche interest – switched to 24/7 COVID coverage. All other news topics became irrelevant and got evacuated from the public discourse. Nearly all forms of entertainment – most notably professional sports – were put on hold, forcing people to solely focus on the pandemic.

In newspapers, scoreboards displaying sports results were replaced with a morbid “deaths and confirmed cases” scoreboard that is custom-made to generate fear. Every day, billions of humans anxiously follow these “scores”, knowing that their freedom and livelihood depend solely on these government-issued numbers. If the numbers do not go down, the confinement goes on.

As COVID-19 took over mass media, popular culture as a whole instantly turned into a barren wasteland. There are no new cultural products and no artists releasing material that could ease minds, provide some entertainment or, perhaps, provide some much-needed insight. Most artists are reduced to social media “influencers” who repeat the Orwellian orders heard everywhere else around the world: “Stay home and wash your hands”.

…In a matter of weeks, the entire planet went from normalcy to fear, panic, paranoia, confinement, unemployment, police-state surveillance and extreme social distancing. Millions of citizens who thrived on freedom and free enterprise are now on “house-arrest” and must rely on the government for subsistence.

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2016 says “stop copying me homework” :wink:


Copying your homework? Smfh. A thread that had 23 views in four years. Er nope. Never even knew that thread existed. :roll_eyes:


I knew Paul would make an appearance to give us his two cents.:grin:

The same guy who believes that two aluminium airplanes can cause three steel and concrete framed skyscrapers to collapse into their own footprint at free fall speed. And you call me a conspiracy nut. :icon_beer:


Conspiracist mindedness is typically a thinking that stems from failure to grasp reality.

In general it constitutes a simplistic and simple-minded kind of near religious apprehension of Newton’s laws, basically that there must be a simple cause for every effect.

The conspiracist minded more often than not can’t grasp that they’re dealing with huge nonlinear, complex, adaptive social, economic, technical, administrative, political, and other systems, interacting with each other, where there is no proportionality, no certainty (non-deterministic), and no simple causality. Or, they can’t handle the truth of that.

To make up for their mental (or moral) deficiency they gravitate to some “simple” cause, that they can easily grasp (and preferably one that makes them feel they have superior and sensationalist insight and knowledge to “the sheeple”. On top of that often this “cause” points to some blameworthy entity they can ascribe personal failings to. As Mencken’s famous quote put it 100 years ago, “The central belief of every moron is that he is the victim of a mysterious conspiracy against his common rights and true deserts desserts. He ascribes all his failure to get on in the world, all of his congenital incapacity and damfoolishness, to the machinations of werewolves assembled in Wall Street, or some other such den of infamy.”… Anyway, I would say the phenomenon has much, much worsened in the internet age. It has in fact become big business on the internet. There’s a huge market for it. There are a lot of fuckin eejits out there, and plenty of cranks and a motley of bloggers with one or other agenda prepared to exploit them…)

On the topic of Covid-19, no doubt we have noticed a recent upsurge in the conspiracists lately, most of it based on what Wolfgang Wodarg posted on Youtube, from Germany, three weeks ago, about this pandemic.

(Now, whatever about the perspective from Germany three weeks ago, your man Wodarg is a bit of a crank previously known for making the case that the H1N1 pandemic was exaggerated to benefit drug companies, basically that vaccine industry experts on WHO advisory groups improperly influenced the WHO’s assessment of the pandemic in order to financially benefit pharmaceutical companies etc. etc.).

Anyway, whatever about what Wodarg brings to the debate, and I am not dismissing these kind of contributions to the debate outright, they are indeed an element of democratic debate, what is dismaying is how the usual suspects so predictably gleefully jump on these narratives and amplify them, and amplify them, and exaggerate them, and quite evidently jack themselves off over them. (Noting that all the while Wodarg has been very notably silent this last three weeks as events have continued to unfold.)

Sure, it’s yet another jump from the above to the content of the OP, no doubt. I don’t think anymore that that kind of stuff warrants a serious response, though I used to think so.


People from all aspects of life use cognitive shortcuts, such as you describe.
It’s not just for the conspiratorial minded individuals.
Even in your post you are doing the same.
You can’t say all conspiratorial minded individuals are as you describe.

IMHO, there are some plausible possible conspiracies worthy of thought and investigation.


How can we separate the wheat from the chaff? So much is anonymous, "from my source’, cross posted from 8kun or whatever.

The big one was 911…for every conspiracy claim, theres been a really good counter explanation, usually focussing on materials science. A lot of effort spent by conspiricists, with little return. We get sick of reading this stuff after a while. While more complicated and real issues of geopolitics get ignored; for example the very real but very messy story of Saudi involvement in 911. It’s almost like these conspiracies are deliberately put in play…that they are the distraction.


That is a possibility too.

At some point, IMO you would have to ignore a whole area of discussion. For instance 9/11.

  1. Average person will not be able to gather relevant facts to make a accurate conclusion as to what exactly occurred.
  2. As time goes on the descriptions of the event becomes clouded by conflicting stories as to what occurred.
  3. Even if one did know exactly what happened. Assuming it was some plot. What good would it be to an individual to know this information?

Another aspect wrt to any online 9/11 stories…


You’re absolutely delusional if you don’t believe that this planned-demic is going to result in at least some of the outcomes I’ve mentioned above.
There’s already talk in the mainstream media about going cashless (because apparently cash will carry the “virus” (that’s not even possible- you can’t “catch” a virus. :thinking:), “temporary” global government (Gordon Browne), mandatory vaccines etc. It will also lead to mass surveillance and travelling abroad will be a hell of a lot more difficult than previously. We’re also very close to seeing a “digital dollar” unveiled. Never let a crisis go to waste eh. :roll_eyes:


Hey, can you list all the possible outcomes you see, and we’ll see where we all are in a year?



Whats the reason for the 3rd - untouched - building just collapsing onto itself?
I’ve never heard any explanation for that, let alone a convincing one.


Office furniture fires can apparently cause a steel and concrete structured skyscraper to collapse into its own footprint (into dust and molten metal) at free fall speed. The laws of physics took a day off on September 11, 2001.


Let’s start with:
Severe travel restrictions
Possible mandatory vaccinations
Mass surveillance of folks breaking quarantine (drones, CCTV etc).
Marshall law when this quarantine inevitably leads to riots and looting in some places
Beginning stages of cash being refused as a means of exchange.



And in case you ask, no, I wont debate this! I’ve done this to death elsewhere.

In general, the Twin Tower conspiracy theories are driven by the following fundamental misunderstandings…

  • Temperature is not the same as heat
  • How much energy can be be absorbed by steel before it begins to fail and deform, especially under loads
  • Damage to external columns, and central core, and transference of loads
  • Effect of failure of a single truss to column connection

That’s basically it.


None of the others are good but why is this bad? And which vaccinations?