Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?



Here is a recent interview with a Chinese TV channel, he talks like a world leader.


For those interested the get up is part of the KTU Lithuanian university honorary doctorate ceremony.

Here is the KTU rock and roll graduation ceremony.


British Army's Information Warfare Unit will be deployed to tackle anti-vaccine propaganda | Daily Mail Online

  • Leaked documents revealed soldiers are already monitoring cyberspace
  • The British Army’s Information Warfare Unit will tackle anti-virus propaganda
  • It comes amid a rise in the number of anti-lockdown protests around Britain
  • The defence cultural specialist unit was launched in Afghanistan in 2010

The defence cultural specialist unit was launched in in 2010 and is tied to the army’s 77th Brigade, which often works with psycological operations teams, reported The Sunday Times

A probe into vaccine disinformation from hostile states, including Russia, will be launched.

The team will start recruiting professional and reserve soldiers to help in its mammoth task as the Government prepares the country for mass vaccinations as soon as next month.

Nothing alarming about this development in a Western democracy to combat those crazy ‘anti vaxers’. No siree


Really good work from a poster on Political Irish. Worth a look for reference points.




There are trends and then there are fashion trends. :whistle:



this article implies that Sinn Fein didn’t run enough td’s because they knew what was coming in advance and wanted to profit from it politically. In response to @Epicurus above


Not being sure where to post this link, then handily spotted two wholesome family brands on the LGBT-350 list, since they have been in the news a lot lately, brands you will learn to love and trust with your life and the life of your loved ones.



Archived link: https://archive.is/ZcozU


> Austrian street art/protest in hazmat suits highlighting the Covid indoctrination.

Who said the Germanic people don’t do humour


RTÉ today, have a farcebook question about the vaccine certificate

It’s clear that many are willing to get one in return for their “freedom”, so in this case the control of the population has taken on a new level as people are willing to carry a “permit” to regain some of their freedom back.

Which they would have resisted a year ago.


Did you ever ask a bartender if you needed a drink.


Not sure where this fits best, but erosion of freedom continues now Singapore have decided to use the COVID tracker for criminal investigations while it is still “voluntary”, you need it to access many places.


Now a UK based broadcaster has been banned from youtube for questioning COVID rules.
Or should that be allowing discussions about COVID that do not follow the script.


Coronavirus in Ireland: Media coverage is mass hypnosis, claims anti-mask lawyer | Ireland | The Times

Coronavirus in Ireland: Media coverage is mass hypnosis, claims anti-mask lawyer

A barrister who sits on an asylum appeals tribunal has said she believes “globalists” have bought up all the bandwidth on Irish radio to stop alternative views being heard.

Una McGurk, a senior counsel and state appointee to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal (Ipat), also said that media coverage of Covid-19 was “nothing more than mass hypnosis”.

Ms McGurk was first the subject of controversy when she spoke at an anti-mask rally in Dublin in August, organised by Health Freedom Ireland and Yellow Vest Ireland. She is not a current member of the Law Library and describes herself on LinkedIn as a “life coach”.

Ms McGurk was the subject of a review by Hilkka Becker, Ipat’s chairwoman


She be correct.




Problem, Reaction, Solution…


Not sure if this belongs here or elsewhere.