Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?



Now a UK based broadcaster has been banned from youtube for questioning COVID rules.
Or should that be allowing discussions about COVID that do not follow the script.


Coronavirus in Ireland: Media coverage is mass hypnosis, claims anti-mask lawyer | Ireland | The Times

Coronavirus in Ireland: Media coverage is mass hypnosis, claims anti-mask lawyer

A barrister who sits on an asylum appeals tribunal has said she believes “globalists” have bought up all the bandwidth on Irish radio to stop alternative views being heard.

Una McGurk, a senior counsel and state appointee to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal (Ipat), also said that media coverage of Covid-19 was “nothing more than mass hypnosis”.

Ms McGurk was first the subject of controversy when she spoke at an anti-mask rally in Dublin in August, organised by Health Freedom Ireland and Yellow Vest Ireland. She is not a current member of the Law Library and describes herself on LinkedIn as a “life coach”.

Ms McGurk was the subject of a review by Hilkka Becker, Ipat’s chairwoman


She be correct.




Problem, Reaction, Solution…


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Feelin’ a bit more Kung Flu’d these days?


The conspiracy theorists were right all along. Thirteen months later my opening post above doesn’t seem so outlandish or farfetched after all. :thinking:

What are @ps200306’s thoughts on current events? :roll_eyes:


Govenor Jessie Venture on the case in 2009. :male_detective:


Jesse Ventura is a lying scumbag. He true colors came out in the Chris Kyle case. Ventura is a total fraud and as repulsive a person as Michael Moore. And just as reliable a source of information. Ventura will do anything and say anything as long as he gets publicity and it makes him money. Just like Michael Moore.



I’m not a fan of Jesse Ventura but he appears to have won his case in a court of law. He seems to have been vilified for defending himself against a false accusation. The accusation was made in the book of Chris Kyle that he knocked out Jesse Ventura for hating the military. He stated that he did this at an official reunion of Navy Seals. Why would Jesse Ventura (a former Navy Seal) attend a Navy Seals reunion if he hated them? In the court case there are pictures of everybody together enjoying themselves until the end of the evening. Also, even if true, he probably could have equally sued Chris Kyle for attacking him. He was a much older man than Chris at the time. Instead he sued him for making up the story in order to help his book sales. The estate of Chris Kyle did not have to pay for the defamation after the trial, instead the insurance company made the payment. I agree with the jury that Jesse Ventura’s account seems the most plausible. I’m open to seeing more evidence on this as I initially was completely in favour of Chris Kyle.


Ventura was not a SEAL. He did the training and washed out. So became a demo’ guy for while. Blowing shit up. He was never a SEAL. I have a friend who was Marine Recon at the height of the shitstorm before and after Tet. They were the real deal. The rule with these people is the less said in public the more genuine the person. Lots of phoneys and frauds. I knew my friend had been been combat in VN only because I had known others. Not a REMF. It was only from other vets over the years, alluded to in causal conversation, that I found out just what he had done. My friend had never hinted at what he had done.

I heard first hand accounts from those that were there that night and at other previous Ventra blowhard performances. There were quite a few. Everyone thought he had it coming. None of the actual front line guys supported him. Ventura only brought the case to save public face. He is a complete and total fraud. And his behavior after Kyle died was such that he will be watching his back for the rest of his life and there will be plenty of people lining up to piss on his grave when he is dead.

That is how much he is hated by the people in the business. He is not that popular in Minnesota either come to think of it.


New FDA A.I. Tool is Advancing Health Care

A new tool shows promise in increasing success rates of detecting cancer, and a new data strategy shows promise for future medical devices



The president of Microsoft is warning society about adopting the kind of artificial intelligence once only imagined in science fiction dystopian novels.

Brad Smith referenced George Orwell’s seminal book ‘1984’ when discussing government’s increasing ability to monitor its citizens. Critics are particularly focused on China, which has ambitions of leading the world in artificial intelligence within the next decade.

The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, is sounding the alarm about society adopting the kind of artificial intelligence once only imagined in science fiction dystopian novels

‘I’m constantly reminded of George Orwell’s lessons in his book 1984. You know the fundamental story…was about a government who could see everything that everyone did and hear everything that everyone said all the time,’ Smith said to the BBC during an interview that aired on its Panorama program this week.

In ‘1984,’ citizens live under the threat of constant surveillance and censorship, with cameras seemingly tracking their every move.

The government in the book cracks down on forms of individualism and rebellion. ‘Well, that didn’t come to pass in 1984, but if we’re not careful that could come to pass in 2024,’ Smith added.



Last year is this year.

A Chinese military scientist with ties to the United States reportedly filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine well before the disease was declared a global pandemic.

More and more the early information, findings and speculations of 2020 are again or now only mainstream in 2021.

I thought there were link to the Chinese data base entries that showed military filings or something like that, vague memory of it, maybe it wasn’t posted, but there was in early 2020 connection made to Chinese military and patents for virus or sequences in some genetic database IIRC, sone looked it up and spotted maybe more than one entry at the time.



File this one under the OP’s “cashless society”

He said: “You could introduce programmability - what happens if one of the participants in a transaction puts a restriction on [future use of the money]?

“There could be some socially beneficial outcomes from that, preventing activity which is seen to be socially harmful in some way. But at the same time it could be a restriction on people’s freedoms.”

He warned that the Government would be required to intervene and make the final decision.

Mr Mutton said: “That is a really delicate debate that needs to be had. It is not something we can settle ourselves, that is for the Government to lead on.”

A digital currency could make payments faster, cheaper and safer, but also opens up new technological possibilities, including programming: effectively allowing a party in a transaction, such as the state or an employer, to control how the money is spent by the recipient.


Expect similar softening of standards in the Leaving Cert. Qualification inflation is out the wazoo at this stage