Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?



20-30 years ago I read an excellent book, called Dumbing down America.

Reduced expectations, reduced rigour… even English college students were encouraged to have free flowing thoughts and absolutely no question of them being pulled up on lack of grammar. Playing with grammatical rules and constructs for effect is one thing, but you have to know the rules first… at least you would think so if a college major in English.

Becoming more and more widespread.

Few years ago I went looking for a copy of the old leaving cert log tables - which were wonderfully detailed, trig functions on the covers, thin paper so light, full tables of logs, sines, cosine etc… the modern ones are absolute shite.


Ask Google FTW :clown_face:



Blame this guy.

Bill Ayers plowed serious amounts of money from his huge inherited fortune into “educational reform” starting in the 1970’s. By the 1990’s almost all big city Public Schools systems were utterly dysfunctional so most parents who wanted a good education for their kids either left the city or sent their kids to private schools. The reason why the number of middle class families with school age kids in cities like SF and LA dropped dropped 80% plus since the 1980’s is because of the deliberate destruction of the public school systems by Bill Ayers and his sycophants.

So in cities like San Francisco less than half of white kids and just over half of Asians go to public schhool. The rest are private. The Chinese in the last two decades have built out a separate private school system buying the public schools that have closed due to collapsing enrollment.

So the only kids left to be indoctrinated and badly taught by Ayres minions in City public school are the kids of the poor hispanics and blacks. Who mostly leave the system illiterate. As people like Bill Ayres intended.

One of the main reason so many black families have moved out of the city in the last few decades is that black parents were tired of their kids being giving a totally shit education in city schools. They get a much better education out in the suburbs. Where local school districts are less likely to be captured by Ayers political indoctrination teachers.


No prizes for guessing who came out on top!

Top five FTSE earners

Pascal Soriot of drugs giant AstraZeneca was the highest-earning chief executive, making £15.45m last year.


Eustace Mullins - Murder by injection


“The “refugees” being flown out of Afghanistan are the Tal1ban”? What do you think? :thinking:


Even if it was true, how would some lad sitting in a car in Dublin have a clue one way or the other?

As you posted on the other thread, lockdown hasn’t been good to a lot of people and isolation breeds paranoia


There are two ways China can now proceed. The first is so-called ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ where China directly acquires critical infrastructure in a country that is unable to service its debt. That is how in 2017 China got a 99-year lease on a strategic Indian Ocean port in Sri Lanka. The same could happen to Bar port in Montenegro. China already owns Piraeus Port in Greece — Europe’s seventh largest harbour.

The second strategy is to offer Montenegro debt restructuring but in exchange China will seek political loyalty from Montenegro. That loyalty would mean more work for Chinese state-owned companies and voting at international institutions in China’s favour. Montenegro is, after all, a Nato member state. In both cases, China wins, Europe loses.

Eyes peeled for similar deals being struck here. Given the Irish establishment’s love of ‘cheap money’ and debt


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Exhibit B: Colour filter applied. Sickly pallor.


Golden Globes 2019:

“If you’re an anti-vaxxer just put a napkin over your head.”