Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?



Seems like dis/mis-information (uk paedo panic mob & alternative history), excellent off topic material to spam up the coronavirus section of the forum.


How could the perpetrators of Mass Genocide convince the politicians and medics to participate in this? Financial incentives are not enough. They must have enough materials to blackmail them.
One would wonder what was recorded in 5 stars hotels’ rooms in tropical destinations they attended for medical symposiums over the last 20 years.


This claim that Trump prevented a ten year lockdown is ludicrous. Clif High is an extreme bullshit artist.
He also recently claimed that Trump being elected in 2016 saved us from HiIIary dropping a nuclear bomb on west coast US cities. :clown_face:


Actually it’s as much a Trump claim. He takes credit. The “vaccine” emergency usage Vs approval.
He still beating the vaccine drum.
It’s also the speculation based on Q drops.
Clif High has been around a long time i.e. “sun disease”
Never underestimate Evil. Also speculation based on Q drops.
Clif has interwoven his recent run with Q drops and seems to have more recently become less fringe.

Cliff is a Clown riding the back of the awakening masses as controlled opposition is that you point?

Do you think he is also a crypto clown too if you follow? :wink:


I originally wrote this as a reply to blamegame in the Ashling Murphy thread, but I already sidetracked that with conspiratorial stuff.


Institutionalised with a highly suspicious sojourn at an American university…

I completed my Bachelors and PhD degree in the School of Psychology at Queens University Belfast. completed an advanced methods training in the University of Michigan on completion of my PhD thanks to a JFK travel Scholarship. I have engaged in research in psychology as an academic since 1996 having held positions at UU, QUB and now UL.


What’s noteworthy is that she’s also a member of the state’s secret psychological warfare squad, currently terrorising the entire population of Ireland, men and women alike.

I am a current member of the Irish Research Council and serve on the Behaviour and communications committee advising the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET).


The question is whether Ireland is spontaneously having its Princess Diana moment or if we are witnessing the NGO/academia/media complex displaying the depth of the power to manipulate the public they now have, having been indulged and emboldened over the past two years. Look at everyone’s eyes in this picture from the vigil outside the dáil:

There’s something missing there or something has been done to them, and it’s not due to the nature of the occasion-I’ve attended children’s funerals where the mourners didn’t look like that.


That just feels disturbing to me. As you say, that many people, for a girl in Offaly, however tragic her death was, and vigils everywhere around the country as well… when we’re all supposed to be terrified of omicron right now no less.

It’s actually quite scary how well they direct the mob.


If the elevation of anti-men hysteria being broadcast into reality based on anecdote here and elsewhere is relatively accurate, then what I have posted the here, which is suddenly really even way more important than ever before, because if you don’t know what you are up against, how can you defend yourself, let alone defend your right to your own mind by defending your mind if you can not see what the enemy is?

The only thing that breaks the spell is critical awareness and understanding of the techniques used.



Never heard of myocarditis until last year and now it’s being given as the cause of a food poisoning death from 2017 and has a long article in a national newspaper about it…

In fairness, there are some medical articles from years ago linking the two, but such a rapid decline due to the condition seems odd.