Kung Flu - Gaming the Matrix?


JFK may have caught that virus off Eisenhower



There is a big difference in perceiving negative tendencies of the massive “complex” or “organism” that comprise the proliferating organisations and institutions of State in the USA, and setting about an attempt at reform of said institutions.

There is a difference in having some grasp of actual realities of interacting interests, enlisting of interests, the role of patronage, and privilege, the deeply entrenched routines, habits and institutional values of these instititutions and organisations driving them, and so on, and so on.

Quite a world apart from instead thinking something like there must be some cabal sitting around a table, “pulling the strings”, planning global domination, debasement of the world’s morals and culture, and mind control of the enslaved masses, or some such.


I wish the world was as simple as the conspiracists profess.
Unfortunately we will never convince some of them on this forum.
But we have to keep challenging them, lest others go down the same route.


The list of proven conspiracies in the 20 century is enormous. Only someone with tenuous historical knowledge could assert otherwise.

Hell even the use of the word “conspiracy theory” is itself a conspiracy.


A rallying cry if there ever was one, God must be on your side or else this is comedy gold! :joy:


Dude ridicule is cheaper, less complex and appeals to the base instincts.


If you want to do a conspiracy on the conspiracy theories: it’s interesting that the trend of CT’s is to accuse everyone of overstating the problem, traditionally you’d expect CT’s to accuse the Govt of covering up deaths.

Who’s been steering that ? Landlords I’d bet.


Arent you the one I challenged a few days ago about something or other and you backed away pretty sharp?

911 wasnt it? Bluffing about something then unable to answer questions when asked because I misunderstood or you misunderstood or something.

You mentioned you debated it to death on other forums and I asked you for a link to show it and you couldnt.
I’m willing to be youre a science grad right? Trained not to question anything thats presented as ‘science’ even though you dont understand it yourself…

I’m more minded to examine ‘Credulity Theories’ and their proponents whereby people are shown a page of maths formulae they dont understand and told it justifies an event so improbable as to be blatantly manipulated. The heiroglyphic nature of the formulae presented represent some sort of Holy Word whereby they can suspend the evidence of their own cognitive and sensory experiences in its stead.

Credulity Theorists are far more dangerous breed; they deny events that have actually occurred rather than postulate (sometimes whacky, granted) alternatives as Conspiracy theorists do.


Glad to brighten your day! :sunglasses:


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The old firm would have to stick their oar in:

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has warned [coronavirus] could cause global economic doom that could last for generations if appropriate measures aren’t taken.

Kissinger, who served under President Nixon and President Ford, wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal on Friday, issuing a dire proclamation that ‘failure could set the world on fire’.

The 96-year-old believes the White House has done ‘a solid job in avoiding immediate catastrophe,’ but adds the government needs to work efficiently and in a farsighted manner to beat the disease, not only to regain Americans’ trust but the world’s trust.

Kissinger writes: ‘When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, many countries’ institutions will be perceived as having failed. Whether this judgement is objectively fair is irrelevant. The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus.’

He says the US needs to work quickly to find a cure, pitch in to rebuild the global economy and protect the ‘liberal world order’, adding 'not even the U.S. can in a purely national effort overcome the virus.'
> To beat the virus, Kissinger writes the US needs to work with the rest of the world, saying, 'the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program.'



So you’ll be first in line to be injected with Bill’s vaccine/nanochip.

I know I’ll get ridiculed by the forum NPCs for posting a David Icke video here but here goes. :grinning: Listen at 1.75x or 2x if short of time. For some reason YouTube immediately removed this video from their platform at the request of the BBC. Hmm. :roll_eyes:


I listened to that londonreal podcast earlier in the week, I can’t recall anything too extreme…?


It mentioned that 5G may not be as safe as we’re lead to believe and you’re not permitted to criticise 5G in the UK.


Icke. Indeed he is the ultimate source of a good number of these type of theories (“messages” is a more accurate term in my opinion), if you track them all the way back to source.

But you know how he came to be what he is, don’t you? You know about his experience at the ancient burial ground in Peru where “… his body shook as though plugged into an electrical socket, and new ideas poured into him…”. You know about his “channelling” and “automatic writing”, telling him in the midst of many such messages conveyed to him that he was a “Son of the Godhead” etc. etc.

Now no doubt none of the above is a new phenomenon, the cultural history of the world is replete with such tales of possession by “spirits”. But tell me do you really believe any such channeled messages are benevolent, and not of malevolent intention?

It is indeed a curious thing that so many of those who gravitate to these type of messages describe themselves as “Christian” and “God-fearing”, at least in America, ground zero for these phenomena. Of course all throughout religious scriptures and throughout the world’s much older writings that many people read to try and find wisdom they can apply to their own times, in their own lives, we always heard that soothsaying, necromancy, and things of the occult are of the devil. E.g.

Deut 18:14 “For these nations, that thou shall dispossess, hearken to those who practice augury, and to psychics. But as for thee, Lord thy God has not allowed thee to do so…” Etc.

Leviticus 20:6 “I will also turn against those who commit spiritual prostitution by putting their trust in mediums or in those who consult the spirits of the dead. I will cut them off from the community."

Leviticus 19:31 “Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead."

And if you properly think through the implications of Icke’s messages, you cannot possibly believe that they are not malevolent. For example his central thesis that “the Illuminati” are the enemies of mankind, that they are the “Other”, not like us, descended from ETs called the Babylonian brotherhood etc, is quite obviously playing on some archetypal stereotypes very deeply implanted in man’s subconscious (and that have risen up before to become manifest, with terrible consequence, on more than one ocassion.)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand - in the midst of this present crisis, where we’re probably only at a very early stage, we already have mobs of people in thrall to these messages rampaging burning down 5g towers (actually, they were mostly 3g and 4g masts - of course when a mob eventually gets up, springs into actual action, their previous careful distinctions usually fly out the window, don’t they…) That augurs well, doesn’t it. Isn’t it reassuring when rationality disappears so much that that you can’t even get a simple countering message through to the mob, say that Iran doesn’t have any 5G capabilities and they are one of the worst hit countries etc etc.


Only if the nanochip is Linux based. Win10 updates are a mess right now.


Whether you agree or disagree with David Icke and this theories.
He has a right to speak. Isn’t that the issue?


sudo yum install covid-vaccine-1.0.0


It is absolutely true, you can find the video of him explaining this experience online. It is a big red flag. Though I expect many have not gone in far enough to get to this crucial data point, and it is crucial and I am glad you raised it.

Yet it is not the root red flag in my book.

BBC, he came out of and came out on the BBC!.

He clearly has gone through a spiritual crisis in the past, what instigated it and did anyone influence it and if so where and when.

The BBC a place that covered for notorious Pedophile (wizard) Jimmy Savile. YOU have to wonder, who advised him to go onto Wogan and face such ridicule?

I do have a degree of sympathy for Icke as a person. I do not think he is per say a bad person. He may end up seen as a victim if more info ever comes out.

He either had a genuine spiritual crisis, or an induced one. Where the influence started was either catalyst or later on as he was pinpointed as useful.

It is kind of chicken and egg but there is no doubt in my mind. Icke is a controlled release, but may be less so the last 5 or more years maybe longer.

You can also tell by the level of poisoning of the well.

For example “reptilian shape shifter” is one of those construct trigger terms to disable critical thinking in the observer and induce ridicule a pre-laid ridicule reflex.

Like “conspiracy theory”, but less high-brow mind jammer jingo - some people think it is crypto speak for “JEW” others believe it is simply as is, reptilian entities feasting on human form just outside this dimensional reality, mainly, I believe it was usual handicap required to keep the assest in place and not get too big for their boots but allow a informational spring that could be controlled and lined up as required, of course all part of a greater agenda. :slight_smile:

He may not even know it himself or even eventually he broke out of it has still not fully rebuilt himself but has carried on, since you do no reverse a spiritual crisis once you have popped through that alive to tell the tail. If you lack the spiritual resolve and surrounding support and wisdom, you certainly are prey for far more powerful forces, there is no doubt, the biblical warnings are spot on. Ignore at your peril.

For those interested in maybe the content. I recommend using the Icke forums, forums are good. FORUMS are GREAT! They often do not agree with him on many points. Usually good covering breaking rolling events within their own cognitive-biased frame.

Alex Jones is in the same boat. Though not so much a spiritual crisis. Intel feeding him info. Which info? What side?

The uniting factor to pull these outfits off, is that you get quality information that eventually get verified as true, or plausible tantalising narratives that know how to peak your confirmation bias dopamine hits by striking the cognitive target, so people begin to attach a lot more credibility to these sources than they should and this keeps the show going, but you never get the full picture or really the spiritual tools and wisdom to protect yourself, you remain locked into their channel(ing) being told you are freeing yourself all the while.

When I tell those who believe or those disbelief any or all of these as reputable or irreputable sources, are controlled opposition, beware - it is often met with initial disbelief or resistance.

Their concept they were the real deal or just nuts was much easier to countenance, for the easy life like.

See how that works. That is the very mechanism that is relied upon for these things to hold sway. It is the observer who does all the work. Not the source.

Is that the secret?

Yea, we already know - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Great advice. It has always been known. Thus the warnings, the dark arts are that powerful and people let their children access to them at the earliest of ages. Unprecedented. Big experiment. The outcome is know. It is not good.

When people begin to look at the influence of intel agencies throughout humanity and the origins, they are either going to have to suspend disbelief or agree they are not ready to tackle the arcane nature of deception and the means and methods of some operators. Which is fine but resorting to ridicule to those who might, in that respect is easily hypocritical, if unintended. Fear is a dozy.

For the truth to set you free, you must face down the deception.

There is no other way I can think but that involves going not really externally but very deeply within to root it out where you have MOST power, control and jurisdiction over self.

The outside world, will then become a far easier place to control becasue you simply do not have ot let it in without regard.

You will note this message of putting on the “armour of god” is concurrent through the Q drops, you never see that advice from a Icke or a Jones as such. A qualifiable difference.

The very nature of the mob is it is irrational, you can not lay that as a critic of the mob!

The poor poor mob.

I would posit it is obvious that the highly rational, know exactly how to manipulate the highly irrational mob to their achieve their own ends, but no one player is without a germ of one or the other within them too, for balance like.

I have outlined on the forum the 5G stories are probably counter-info to mask China dominance in comms networks across the west, while the US moves to lock their comms structure down a a national security asset, while those western countries locked downed.

So they may be rolling it out quicker now, but not because of health concerns, because it is required to strategically fight the Trump admin and US re-pivot to actual power, to finish the new formative counter bloc the globalist had hoped would be done a bit smoother.

That is the real story IMHO but it is easy to jam the collective with FEAR and watch the mob react after unrelenting goading and prodding from “invisible” forces and acts and the point and say,

“look, see, see what terrible conspiracy dribble bubble booble head theories cause people to do! Silly mob. when will you ever learn! … reptilian overlords… pfffh!”

All the China backdoors are being lockdown or removed by the US afaict, so that points to the fact that China is rolling out backdoors everywhere else via it’s massive corporate players by getting those national 5G contracts and building and supplying the hardware that runs the growing internet delivery networks to all, and that is a story they do not want in the media, another over reliance on China in a key security and economic sector, because if it is news to anyone, it should not be, but the plan was to make China the new globalist power hub and move the old show over to the ancient dynasty, and re-animate the beast for one more yahooo!

This is a very unconventional WAR we are all in, but sides are being chosen as we type.


Yeah, “freezpeach” is great, I hear Gary Glitter is the latest to take up this particular alt-right shibboleth, setting up a Youtube and Patreon account in his jail cell he is, drawing on the rationales and messages of Thomas O’Carroll among others, looking to make converts to his cause…

In all seriousness, the political right to free speech carries a corresponding political and social duty, just as any other political right does.

In particular, expression of opinion has consequences. - But what has happened in the internet age is that so often there are no real personal consequences for millions of anonymous trolls of holding these kind of stupid beliefs and irrationality.

They are effectively immunised against personal consequences through the nature of the communication technology, and in fact that is a very serious problem.

You are no doubt aware that the most topical aspect of this recently has been of consequences that fall on minority at risk communities from expression of discriminatory, distorted stereotypes and memes (free from personal consequence for the trolls), that began to take on huge viral force over the internet etc.

Whereas Icke’s messages are more insidious, subtle. As I talked about above.

But that is even more reason to think deeply about the nature, intent, and appeal of these messages, and on that basis make a judgement about the degree of free rein and diffusion that is allowed to them.

No doubt there are difficulties in interpreting and enforcing free speech “guidelines” etc. Interpretations are always necessarily subjective and potentially dangerous in the exercise of power (“who’ll watch the watchmen” etc).

But until those diffdiculties are resolved, a modicum of common sense, erring on the liberal or generous side, is at least required. - And I would say such “common sense” would at least include hindering Icke inciting the lowest common denominator mob-mind with stupid ideas about 5g radio waves in the midst of this very serious crisis.