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Waking up…


Worst case is an Atlantic tsunami that can inundate most European & East Coast American coasts.


Japanese tsunami wave of 2011 was 128 ft.

Analysis of story

Visualisation from Mauna Loa (Similar island volcano)


So, the claims of a major catastrophe are overplayed, now where have I heard that before…


hell of a wave for these guys :joy:




Cumbre Vieja Volcano – Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands -

Seismic Resrouces:

Brazilian Coverage

More info on collapse potential:


Based on the Tsunami potential video, a 10m-20m hit for Irish coast line is no joke considering how mis tof the population are near the coast. For example in Dublin the Poolbeg power station is only 5m above sea level.

You can run a few scenarios with this flood map:

Florida and the east coast of the CONTUS is wide open to much worse, Florida yikes!


You can get your exact height here:

I’m about 250 ft up so I reckon I’d be ok. We would have a few hours warning so initial loss of life wouldn’t be as huge a problem as the disaster videos claim.


Do Masks and injections not work for this aswell?


Good map. Assuming it doesn’t happen at 2am Irish time or something like that, add in moving people en mass in a tsunami scenario. I don’t even think most would believe it let alone imagine there are plans and capacity to pull such a thing off. Imagine the queues at the bus stops :whistle:

Looking like a dead set for an eruption event of some kind just a matter of when, as for tsunami scenario. Nobody got time for that but you wouldn’t want to rule it out. Really.


Any normal tsunami foci will be to the west / north west so just looking at side wash for Northern Europe. Lower energy. The nearest equivalent would be the Lisbon Earthquake in 1755. Cork got 2M to 3M wave crests but Dublin 1M to 2M. Unless you have a bay in pointing in the right direction you wont get much higher than that. In the most likely scenario.Thats why Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii keeps getting slammed. A bay pointing straight at the main earthquake zone in Alaska.

The warning time should be a good 2 to 3 hours.

Having lived a few blocks from the end of a tsunami evacuation zone the rule is 10M of elevation and 1Km of landward distance is usually all you need. Unless the whole half of the island slides into the sea. In that case its head for the nearest elevation over 1000ft and bring some water-wings. Both the Canaries and Hawaii have the island that falls apart problem. But if that happens we will have far bigger problems that a little bit of water.


You would never get a tsunami like this from an earthquake but when a chunk of Big Island of Hawaii slides into the ocean you’d probably get a wave just like this.

This is a very funny movie because almost every single bit of science in it is wrong. Not just Hollywood wrong but totally wrong. This is also the only movie that even gets the sound of a big earthquake wrong. They just dont sound like that.

BBC Horizon had a good documentary on the Canary islands tsunami. A bit of it was folded into the End Day Horizon docudrama where they destroyed the earth in 5 different ways.


None of us were around for the Great Flood eh! :icon_smile:

Something is going to pop, you can feel it. Can you feel it? :icon_eek:


Chatter 40,000 preparing to evacuate need to find the link.



I’m at the coast in Dublin - will collect underpants so


Looks like it, meanwhile meeting going on live, those with better grasp of Spanish than I might pick up something:


G translate:

They instruct 35,000 residents of La Palma for a possible imminent evacuation because of the volcano

In recent hours, seismic activity has increased with earthquakes of 3.2 intensity on the Richter scale at ground level

There is concern about the increase in seismic activity on the island of La Palma

One of the meetings with the neighbors held this Saturday on the island of La Palma.

One of the meetings with the neighbors held this Saturday on the island of La Palma.

The increase in seismic activity in Cumbre Vieja (La Palma) worries the Canarian authorities. This Saturday the people in charge of coordinating a possible evacuation have met on different occasions, to define the plans and intensify the work to have everything ready in case it is necessary to act “quickly”. Today they have also started informative talks with the neighbors to explain to them how this rescue will be, if necessary, something that will be decided by the Advisory Council.

La Palma remains at alert level two for volcanic eruption and will remain so due to the delicate situation of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has motivated Minister Diana Morant to travel to the island this Sunday. The strongest earthquake has been heard in recent hours, with an epicenter in the municipality of Tazacorte, and an intensity of 3.2 on the Richter scale that has made all buildings shake. In addition, according to seismological data, it has occurred at ground level.

Although experts working on the ground find it difficult to predict the exact moment when the volcano may begin to expel magma and ash, on the Canary Island everything is ready for when that happens. Although they call for the tranquility of the citizens, the Cabildo has demanded that more than 35,000 residents have the minimum essential to survive prepared for a rapid and imminent evacuation.

Since the early hours of this Saturday, more than 45 earthquakes have been registered in the southern part of the island. In some cases, movements of different intensity have occurred within minutes of each other. The data show that the tremors start from a depth of ten kilometers, where more than 11,000 cubic meters of magma seek an outlet to the surface, down to ground level. That is what worries the most.

The land separation, which in recent days has gone from one centimeter to more than ten, also has the authorities on edge. That is where the volcano could possibly erupt and cause the formation of a new one. This is what happened the last time this phenomenon was experienced on La Palma, in 1971.

The towns of Tazacorte, Los Llanos de Aridane, Mazo, El Paso and Fuencaliente are those that the regional government keeps on alert of possible evacuation. Earth movements, in some of these localities, have caused stones to fall from some mountains. But so far no significant personal or material damage has been recorded.

Today, the first aerial surveillance flights of the affected area were also carried out with the plane requested from the Ministry of Ecological Transition that landed this Friday in the archipelago. Drones with infrared cameras of the General Directorate of Security and Emergencies have also been put into operation.,elem


Plan of evacuation in case of volcanic eruption for La Plama: