La Palma 🌋

Posts from #LaPalma Residents from a FB Group ! :warning: - Everything is shaking today & they are concerned why the news is downplaying it. Concerning.

La Palma Volcano Eruption Update; Acidic Danger, New Lava Flows


For the footage:

What idiot decided it was a good idea to photoshop an African village scene with panicled people running away???


You’d almost wonder are some channels AI creations, the voice is certainly not human.

Like Black Snow

Video of Lava Flows and encroachment -

4.8 couple hours ago. Very close to 5 and no sign of volcano abating.

Video of the moment here and the cone:



Once a commentator brings religion into the discussion, they lose all credibility with me!
An increasing trend does not mean that it will continue to increase, it could be that multiple minor seismic events are happening instead of one big event. Once the stress is relieved, the tremors will subside.

So what you’re saying is you don’t know any virgins that might satisfy the Volcano god’s appetite is that right? :thinking:

No, I don’t know of any I would be willing to sacrifice. :skull_and_crossbones:

But human rationality does mean that if someone was to suggest it, others would believe and actually do it*!

We have other threads here that justify that comment.

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I think this has been the first one so far - 5.0 recorded on La Palma approx 5 hours ago at a depth of 35km.

Another 5.0 today!

La Palma: Residents warned to stay inside as fresh lava from volcano spills off coast of Spanish island | World News | Sky News

La Palma volcano: See how Spanish island has grown 43 hectares since eruption | Euronews

Not La Palma but what people feared just happened in Tonga! Incredible images of the energetic release :icon_eek:

[03:05 local time] #Tsunami Warning issued in #Iwate Prefecture of #Tohoku region… Tsunami wave height may reach 3m…

Tsunami Warning – 1/16, 2:54am
The Tsunami Warning has been updated. Waves of up to 3m are expected. Those near coastal areas, rivers, or lakes should evacuate to higher ground immediately.

Dedicated topic here > Tonga Volcanic Explosion & Tsunamis