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  • Although Ireland has yet to establish a 24/7 national warning centre, we receive tsunami messages from the French (CENALT) and Portuguese (IPMA) warning centres, which are accredited Tsunami Service Providers of NEAMTWS, via the Global Telecommunications System through Met Eireann.

Tom Blake, experimental officer with the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies ( DIAS ), warned that the tsunami waves resulting from collapse of the Canary volcano would have potentially devastating consequences here. “It would definitely hit Ireland. We are right in the path. If you go south of Ireland you will come to the Cumbre Vieja,” he said. Risk Most at risk would be homes on the west and south coast. “No one has done a risk evaluation. It is now time to evaluate the risk and impact of a tsunami,” he said. If an earthquake, volcanic eruption or huge sub-sea landslide triggered a giant wave the new system would alert coastal communities about the threat bearing down on them. In the past Ireland is known to have been hit by huge tsunamis as a result of earthquakes and underwater landslides. At the moment Ireland is unprotected and would not know a danger was approaching at a speed of up to 600mph until the first wave crashed ashore and created havoc, particularly in low-lying coastal cities and towns.

Tsunamis pose significant hazard to the south eastern and western coasts of Ireland, new study suggests


This thing is getting very very real now, this tweet indicates a 4.2 tucked

Information update: INVOLCAN continues to monitor the ongoing seismicity on #LaPalma. The maximum single event is 4.2 on the Richter scale, recorded in the past hour (yellow star).


Some video here of what may be displacement in the foot hills:


Deformación máxima de 15 cm



Mother of God … is right!

A 2011 forum post over at

This prediction of the end-time flood of Ireland is often associated with another prophecy attributed to St. Colmcille (who is also known by his Latin name St. Columba).

I concede a favour to them without exception,
and St Patrick also did concede the same;
that seven years before the last day,
the sea shall submerge Eirin by one inundation

The above prophecy is believed to be taken from a 9th century document titled Colum Cille cecinit , but so far the earliest source it can be traced back to is O’Kearney, N. The Prophecies of Ss. Columbkille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Seadhna, Coireall, Bearcan, Malachy, &tc (Dublin: John O’Daly, 1856) – a book which is known to contain many spurious prophecies formulated as rhetoric for the 1798 Irish rebellion. It is possible that this quatrain is based on an earlier source or tradition, such as the Leabhar Breac , but currently its origins remains untraceable. It is unlikely that the original prophecy was made by St. Colmcille, but instead may have developed from the earlier, almost certainly authentic literature concerning the life of St. Patrick.

The prophecy of Ireland being destroyed by end-time floods is intimately related to the other material in Public and private revelation which tells of an eschatological inundation, and seems to be inextricably linked to the threat posed by the collapse of the volcano Cumbre Vieja into the Atlantic ocean (see the earlier post Mega-tsunami, where I show how this event is connected with the “great mounatin, burning with fire” being thrown into the sea in Rev 8:8, as well as several other biblical passages).

As we can see from the diagram below, Ireland is one of the countries that would be most affected be a mega-tsunami generated by the collapse of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands.


This would lead us to ask why Ireland seems to be the sole focus of the prophecy of St. Patrick? Why would when there are so many other countries in even greater risk from this catastrophe. One explanation may be found in the fact that this prediction was made almost one thousand years before the discovery of America by the Europeans. The other countries which will be affected by this disaster would simply have been unknown to the saint.

According to Christian prophetic tradition, the tribulation period at the end-time (which includes the reign of the Antichrist) will last for a total of seven years. The fact that the prophecy of St. Patrick foretells that Ireland would be destroyed by the sea seven years before the last day in order to spare the Irish from the reign of the Antichrist therefore suggests that the rule of this end-time tyrant will only take place after the catastrophic flooding caused by the collapse of the volcano Cumbre Vieja into the sea.


Eruptions! :volcano:


See the depth epicenter chart? thats a magma chamber on the move

Thar she blows?


One live feed





I would not worry too much about tsunamis…

Basically geological scale low probability event. Maybe once every few hundred thousand to few million years.

But here is the original paper. With tsunami track maps…

So looks like a 10M wave for Ireland. So a good days surfing at Mullaghmore for the Big Wave guys.


Reports old timers say that wasn’t the main eruption also to note that it is a new volcano southern of the original older one.

Some feeds are going down other popping up:


Uncredible hell on earth inferno imagery last night on the live feeds last night, presided over by a Full moon.

This feed seems more stable that others:

Relevant emergency website -


La Palma volcano update: Surface continues to deform, uplift reaches 19 cm

Mon, 20 Sep 2021, 10:23

The scenario of new eruptive fissures opening might be not that unlikely at all. The surface continues to inflate, which is a sign that more magma is being stored underground that (can erupt) erupts at the surface - the existing paths are not large enough. The volcano might choose to either enlarge them or create new ones.



Local webcam pointed in the right direction:

This camera is up at the observatory:

Finally I read repots of 19cm deformation recorded.

Super Aerial view:

House collapses due ot lava encroachment:


Charting Volcanic Ash Cloud:

A quick video summary of the previous eruptions:


Another feed:

More video and info resources:


Local TV Feeds:

Multi Cams

Multi cams




Malaga TV cover the Tsunami prospect.


Ruptly had a feed going there that appeared to be on the opposite viewing side to most of the other feeds. It stopped for whatever reason.

Around the 1:30/35 mark behold the scale of the outpouring of magma. I’ve seen and watched a bunch of volcano videos over the year, but I’ve never seen anything like that I can remember.

This thing has legs like you’ve never seen.