La Palma 🌋




I don’t like MOodays…



Yea, so chitter chatter suggesting other volcanoes around the world, not just La Palma and Alaska showing signs of activity, perhpas a little smoke which might be normal and folds be over sensitive n’all.

Japan, maybe Italy and also Mexico.

Is the global DOOM level approaching :one: :one: :ninja:


I could be wrong, but the lava flows look to be higher than the houses in one shot.


Historical eruptions map…


It may end up being an insane earthquake off shore that does it all in and and flips the switch. :earth_africa:


A terrain view…


One probable scenario … just like last time…


Previous posts deleted in error… updated now.

Update Today

Mt. Etna is erupting

Video @ Src:


Volcanos erupting is nothing unusual, it is estimated that on average 20 volcanos are active around the planet at any time. Many are underseas or in uninhabited areas so are not reported. It’s not unusual for one seismic event to trigger another within the same plate formation, but volcanic activity on the other side of the planet is purely coincidental.


Yea and this sites covers volcano watching with updates exemplifying your point -


A good feed that seems to stay up

Other islands are getting a little shaky, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, maybe now La Gomera in fourth place:


Oh dear, oh deary dear, this video appears to be from today:




Bigger and bigger more and more.


At 17.20 local time a series of powerful explosions has been registered in the volcano / Powerful explosions going on since 17.20 local time


Shockwave from massive explosion.


The thing is mighty angry today, much bigger, thing more vents or worse a new fissure has appeared, loads of explosions, possibly just blew a whole side off the active one itself, not sure this feed is hard to see, feeds stop or drop out and the angles and framing is frustrating, sometimes they pan away and point it at the town for not very clear reasons, in this what claims to be live (not all are live) this look like a completely new thing.

Everyone needs to leave that island and possibly the others.


Alright that feed camera angle has panned back easier to get a Ln idea of activity that side. . That a side opening with lava pouring out in another direction.



Gtfo time!