La Palma 🌋



The concern now is these two openings in the main cone will collapse in and join to make one much larger opening.



Live feed:


Hard to follow but reports exactly the has happened and more.


“the has happened”?!

The what has happened?


Ah I think I get it now - this has happened - i.e the two have collapsed into one


“that”, but yes you managed to decode my post!


! :icon_eek:


Incredible footage form a drone of the massive half collapsed cone, despite esteem being banned being this close.


Around the 8:29 on screen time (not youtube timecode) a massive and rather fast paced lava flow gets going.


Details so far video:


YT version of drone footage:


What are the odds?

Archive link:

The quakes iirc began on Sept 11



Mini landslides have started:

The lava has not yet reached the sea. These images correspond to a landslide on the coast of #Tazacorte


Not what we want to see but there it is. Not a good sign. No good signs out of this episode in advance and since it began in earnest.


Tazacorte is on the west coast btw. I’m still not too worried though.


Roads cracking now but some claim these are old.

Video @ src:


Cracks in the road are exactly what alerted Japanese authorities to potential landslide event in Ohtou in February 2004. Luckily they shut the road the road, as there was a massive landslide in August 2004.


They may be old cracks after all but still how old!

That landslide footage is weird. No water ripples. So what is it?

Two more angles and closer:

Church tower has collapsed


A good live feed with an embedded onscreen time stamp


Pretty old cracks. Formed sometime between 2011 and 2018 according to streetview


A micro positive or like the Japanese example, what might be months in terms of early warnings start to end on a road with a hill, may it be years instead of months in terms of a large volcanic island such as La Palma.

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