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Volcano is incredible to watch, horrific for the locals, but it’s that potential earthquake in the Atlantic that we may never forget.



Big Increase in Earthquakes Registered

In more recent days, the quakes are clustering around the Southern ridge area and hovering very closet to 4M, which is very easy to see on this excellent page using the map and time filter. This is the section many are cornered is teh prim slide into the sea and create an atlantic wide Tsunami.

The total number of quakes above magnitude 2 that occurred during the 14 days in the marked area was 311 , 2507% more than usually. This is compared to the average number (Ø) of 11.9 quakes obtained from the 100 preceding 14 days intervals with a standard mean deviation (σ) of 79.7 (which is a measure of the typical amount of variation, or spread, of quake numbers during such a time interval).

Interpretation: There is a clear increase in detected quakes during the past 14 days. In particular, there was a strong increase in smaller quakes of magnitudes around 3.

Mag Total # Ø σ Obs. deviation
6+ 0 0 0 n/a
5+ 0 0 0 n/a
4+ 0 0.1 1.2 -0.1 -100% (-0.1σ)
3+ 91 0.5 10 +90.5 +18858% (+9σ)
2+ 220 11.3 72.6 +208.7 +1843% (+2.9σ)
All 311 11.9 79.7 +299.1 +2507% (+3.8σ)


BLACK = Number of quakes within normal statistical range
RED = Significantly lower than normal number of quakes
GREEN = Significantly higher than normal number of quakes

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No News is Bad News

This is unbelievable! Fifth day of the biggest global slowdown yet, now it’s even worse. Only 11 earthquakes in the 4+ range last 24 hours (actually well over 24 hours).
People must realize this is a very serious development. Earth is now behaving VERY VERY different from normal.


Meanwhile back at La Palma


Planners would never let that happen here. All that overlooking. :roll_eyes:



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La Palma Volcano Time-Lapse 8th-9th October 21 11pm-5.20am


Boulder Rapids


Right now mad!


Chatter they are evacuating more people. This thing is very serious. Quakes are almost every few mins since a day or so ago and getting much shallower and progressively trending up in average magnitude.

More here:

Also it appears some of the volcano cone may have just collapsed or moved in the last few minutes.


Quake Visualisations


Posts from #LaPalma Residents from a FB Group ! :warning: - Everything is shaking today & they are concerned why the news is downplaying it. Concerning.

La Palma Volcano Eruption Update; Acidic Danger, New Lava Flows



For the footage:


What idiot decided it was a good idea to photoshop an African village scene with panicled people running away???