Labour Court recommends halving public service sick pay ent

Ahh, that must be why as a family of 5 we live the high life! Didn’t realise I was so rich. 10% above the MEDIAN (not even average) salary in Dublin. Whoopee doo. You cannot separate wages from standard of living when judging how good a salary is IMO.

So, you go to the doctor every time you catch the common cold?

Do you take time off every time you catch the common cold?

Depends on how severe it is. As a public health issue, it is probably best if I do. But who cares about that, right?

Unless your colleagues’ immune systems are already significantly compromised, the common cold is not going to cause enough trouble to endanger their health to any meaningful degree.

Mental health issues (depression, bipolar, addiction)

Pregnancy-related illness

Non-life threatening forms of cancer for which the treatment leaves you particularly debilitated (radiation and/or chemo)

That probably covers a reasonably large volume of medium term sick leave.

Nevertheless, I am in favour of the changes, particularly the cut in non-certified sick leave. I would prefer to see it cut further. I see very little of the lazy take the piss attitude which Pinsters seem to think is endemic in the PS where I work but non-certified sick leave is definitely treated too casually by a percentage of colleagues who are otherwise fairly diligent and competent.

as a PS manager in my last job I was able to predict with good accurac,y to within a few days, when a good few of my staff would be taking a sick day. I actually put 5 years of data on them into a spreadsheet and so you could see the patterns…time of year when sick leave happened, how it fitted in around their a/l, how busy times of the year affected it, etc etc
When some of them used up their uncertified 7 days, usually 1 at a time, then the 2,3 or even a full week of certified sick days in a row would kick in. And the doctors will sign off for anything- they’re getting paid to see the patient and don’t want to loose the business.

I spoke to HR about it and they did’nt want to know as the 7 days was an entitlement and they had doc certs for the rest…so what could you do.
Best I could come up with was to send them a email each month showing them their attendance records, the year running total and the previous year stats also…asking them had I the details right as I now had to ‘report to HR’!!! I cc’d higher management on the emails also. Was kinda hoping I would embarrass them into sorting out their act…but to no avail with most of them.

The job for life rule makes them untouchable

Thanks. I was genuinely curious and not having a bash. It is worth nothing, anyone self-employed, private PAYE or public employee can avail of income protection policies that would kick in when your own entitlements run out (or never start if self-employed!). I know it can be costly, but the option is there none the less.

Unfortunately I see a lot of the non certified sick leave in the PS where it is treated like an anual leave entitlement. Where I work the sick leave amongst the medical staff is almost zero, but among the nursing staff in the same hospital and hence same work environment runs at between 5 - 7%. that means that between 5-7% of the nursing taf is continuously off “sick” while the medical staff has a less than 1% sick rate.

There is an element within the PS that treats sick leave as an annual leave entitlement.

They must have loved you. :angry:

I could tell you some serious stories all right about what went on, and the ‘love’ between us. Fuck it, I was just trying to do my job well and if I upset anyone along the way that wanted the easy life, then thats a bonus!!!

Glad I got out of that place…the organisation was rotten. Still in the PS but in a different company…same carry on happening

Showing your true colors here though Mr. Jobsworth. I think you were my boss once! :angry:

not sure what you mean by that???

Isn’t the problem not the amount of sick leave but rather the fact that it’s all pretty close to uncertified. It’s laughably easy to get a tame GP to sign a cert for a few weeks off. What do they care?

In the private sector, to get those sort of entitlements you have to pay for PHI, which I have. If I get sick, will Friends First pay for 6 months salary (actually I think the max is 75% of salary) on the basis of a grubby GP cert? They will in their hole. I would have to be examined by their doctor, not mine, whose job it is to spot fakes.

Let’s have public sector sick pay outsourced to a private insurer with monetary incentives to only sign off people who really are sick, and then raise the cap again so that people with genuine illnesses are not disadvantaged by those taking the piss.

I remember a trainee nurse mate of mine in a London hospital on graduation having to work back all her taken sickies over the 3/4 years ( of which there were many drinking sickies) before being allowed graduate

Confusion there. If its certified by a doctor then it’s not uncertified. So the problem would be the doctors (a private sector sheltered sector) no? Figures in the paper were that approx 60m of the 500 m was for UNCERTIFIED while the rest was certified. But hey, logic, eh…who needs it when we can stand around in a public sector circle jerk bash.

Remove chip from shoulder, then read my post again, carefully.

PHI is a good failsafe, but insurance companies don’t like paying out, and if you ever have the misfortune to need to avail of such a policy I have two words of advice for you “lawyer up”.

A middle ground might be good though. The admin of sick leave could be outsourced to a private company, but you would absolutely need some auditors remaining within the PS to review the decisions of said company.

I have heard that going through a broker is also handy as the broker can help you. Not sure how much I’d rely on that though considering the broker is paid by the insurance co…