Labour in trouble ?

At the march for Savita rally last night I was struck by the chants of “shame on Labour”. They came from various points in the crowd and as far as I could tell (and I may be wrong on this) they were genuine people disappointed with Labour rather than political plants from other parties or the ULA. It struck me that there is genuine widespread dissatisfaction with Labour on this issue.

I note Labour are 2 points down today in the latest poll … 96839.html

Ivana Bacik the Labour senator was in the crowd and wold also have heard the chants must have been shaken by it. Someone mentioned to me today but I cant find a link to it that he heard her on the radio saying that this (the abortion legislation) would be a “red line issue for Labour”

I’m sure a lot of Labour TD’s are coming under huge pressure on this issue over the weekend.

Claire Daily TD not someone I would have much in common with (partially her idea of the 100% taxation on everything earned over 100K) spoke very well. She said she will reintroduce her Bill to the Dail on Wednesday. … ing54.html

If she does will Labour vote it down again ? will they break ranks ?

If they vote it down they will loose a lot of support, Claire daily is about to turn up the heat on Labour and is calling for another demonstration outside the Dail on Wednesday night.

I’m reminded of what Harold Macmillan said when asked what was most likely to blow governments off course? he replied:

“Events, dear boy, events”

Should be an interesting week in politics and not a good one for Labour.

Unforeseen events like this will bring strain to the coalition.

This, along with the upcoming Budget decisions due, will mean a few interesting weeks

I would say that the more Ivana is heard the more Labour will lose votes. However Gilmore’s mantra of Labour’s way, not Frankfrurt’s way will be more damming to their forthcoming electoral prospects

IB lacks some electoral appeal, otherwise she would be in the Dail for years now and probably a minister. But she has swum against the tide on this issue all along and beginning at a time when it was very difficult to get anyone to openly support abortion/travel/information rights. We should not forget that its not long ago that Anne Lovett was swept under the carpet and Joanne Hayes along with her. For most of Ireland it was only the X case that woke them up to the sick inhumanity of the catholic pricks and their quislings in the Dail. Those people still wield real power and the dail still lacks any balls, otherwise x would have been legislated for. I don’t think IB would be surprised that Labour will take a kicking for this, but then Ive never understood why she joined that party in the first place.

I remember Ivana as head of the SU in Trinity while I was there and found her an unpleasant character then although I would hold slightly different views on the choice/life debate. However I find your viewpoint on the Catholic Church, how would I say, illiberal.

IB has left the Labour party before and I could easily see her doing so again over this. She was an Independent Senator before joining Labour to contest Tony Gregory’s old seat (and she didn’t do too badly, if Maureen O’Sullivan hadn’t run she’d have probably beaten Paschal Donoghue).

It all depends whether the electorate really wants change. At the moment there is a small but significant minority of voters who will blackball and picket and try to shame any TD who votes in favour of any abortion legislation. The electorate have to convince TDs that there is an equal or greater amount of voters who will approve of their actions and reward them for it at the ballot box.

Currently the safety net of the UK (and now Belfast) has removed that voting cohort - they and their daughters can get abortions if they need them, so sod those kids in HSE care and whatever. But maybe that is changing. The size of the outcry and marches and vigils would suggest so. Particularly the fact that they were all over the country, not just in Dublin.

If the government enact X-case legislation, it will certainly limit the damage. But one would expect Labour to lose more by inaction on this. Free vote might be the way to go.

If they sit on their hands for more than a few weeks, Labour are fucked. I know lots of pissed off Labour supporters for whom this is a big deal.

maybe that would suit FG

as they are definitely looking to sit on it

they have their “expert group” producing reports one letter a day

Plenty FG liberals want action on this too.

Labour are in trouble for all kinds of reasons. It is slowly dawning on the sector of the great Irish public that tends to vote Labour - who, though slow to learn, are not entirely stupid - that that party is far from what they thought it was.

The electorate has spoken quite clearly on this matter in the x referendums. The problem is less with the electorate than with the political class and with the judiciary. Its always amused me that Dermot Gleeson, top man in a ‘rescued’ bank, was SPUCs senior counsel trying to close down the last source of information on abortion in the 1990s, the students unions. These Irish circles are very small.

All Trinity Senators are “Independent”

A Sinn Féin motion calling on the Government to legislate for the X case is to be debated tomorrow. The Coalition is expected to table a counter-motion.

big mistake. they are totally misreading the mood of the people on this.

i cannot begin to say how uninterested i am in what the bishop has to say on this

keep out of it bishop.

ireland exports its problems on this matter.

THE wife of Labour leader Eamon Gilmore was paid €525,000 by the Department of Education for a site for a new school that is now worth less than €100,000.

Educationalist Carol Hanney, who is chief executive of Dun Laoghaire VEC, sold the two-and-a-half acre site she inherited from her late mother to the Office of Public Works on behalf of the Department of Education.

However, the Tanaiste wasn’t in his office at the time of the demonstration - he was in Brussels at a meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers over the civil war in Syria.

But two of his staff accepted a presentation of a giant-sized copy of a pledge signed by Mr Gilmore and Ruairi Quinn during the 2011 general election campaign to “oppose and campaign against” any form of fee increases.

an american friend of mine recently asked me - why do some irish children attend school in trailers?

Because their parents, grandparents, and neighbours vote FF or FG or Labour.

Hey; I & all my brothers attended school in temporary classrooms (actually 10 years they lasted), & if I had a choice of our teachers, & prefabs; or the current set of teachers & bright shiny classrooms, I’d say roll on the Prefabs !

Me too, but then all the rich folks were in Ansbacher and that’s one reason we froze our asses off in trailers while the school burned pound notes with electric heaters on the walls.

What is wrong with the current set of teachers?

Well personally speaking I think that kids now are no smarter or dumber from when I was a sprog; but most people agree that the quality of secondary & tertiary Graduate has been in a downward spiral for a number of years. Now, if your raw material is just the same, but your product gets worse, who do you blame ?

I don’t think this is exclusively a teaching issue, there are plenty of other individuals & groups I’d line up against the wall as well; but the net beneficiaries of the largesse of the taxpayer were the staff. Just like with the HSE we paid Five Star rates & get B&B service.