Labour thinks a house can be built for €36K

Alan Kelly looks very smart on the front of Labours housing document.

Its a shame the numbers inside seem a bit puzzling. I hope he had no part in writing it for all our sakes.

Labour say they will build 110,000 houses by 2021 at a cost of €4 billion.

This would mean each house would cost on average €36,354 euros to build.

I wonder if they plan on the waiting list staying static also.

I dont mean to pick on this party, but am I missing something here? - Maybe they plan on building container homes or something? … _hr_v2.pdf

Maybe they are plotting to have the local councils pay for it?

Modular housing?

I presume it’s the cost of subsidy over market rates. Likely inadequate, likely not indexed for the effect of intervening… :frowning:

Loads of examples of tiny houses out there for <$40k.
Maybe the cost of the site is excluded

These look nice, would love one in back of our site as a cave/guesthouse , but the chances of getting planning permission for one (without using brown envelopes) are not good :frowning:

I wouldn’t really bother with planing to be honest. They are not really a permanent structure.

But they’re over 25sqm (6x11=66sqm) so they’re not exempted.

Its truely frightening that the minister for housing doesnt know what a house costs.