Lampedusa has featured over the years on the pin but most intriguingly it was connected with some fake coronavirus images aka propoganda

Other instances on the pin:




Von der Leyen misses the point
Ireland signed up for a common market of goods and services
Not decisions about migration made in Brussels
Time to get back in her box


Act of War - Invasion - Death of Europe

It’s been patently financed and organised by Menace since the 2015 (that year again).

When will we know that Ireland has literally become Africa?

Lampedusa now. In 5 days, 15,550 African immigrants landed in Lampedusa. This night in 30 minutes more 20 boats arrived with 1200, 500 in Crotone and NGOs unloaded 800. Total 18,050! Now more landings are underway in Lampedusa. Isn’t this an invasion?

Lampedusa has been sold to the wolves 18,000 illegal immigrants. 7,000 local residents. What could go wrong? We will start hearing of rapes and murders within weeks 😡