Land Costs force cancellation of a CPO

If anyone wants another example of the sheer lunacy and greed that has been going on with land prices this is a good one:

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No comment necessary.

And thats never ever happened before, never honest. :unamused:

Incredible. :imp:

Sorry - I of course meant Credible.

biggest orgy in Europe

Half the country is shagging the other half.

the fact that it is not suprising anymore tells it all.


This might sound incredibly naive, but wouldn’t the sensible plan be to re-re-zone the land?

What the Lord giveth, the Lord can take away ‘n’ all…

but wouldnt the county council have to compensate the developer for the loss of value if it was de-zoned?

(the gain in value, obviously, is always pocketed by the developer himself!)

Wouldn’t the sensible thing be to demand an explanation from Cork County Council as to their behaviour? I would expect in most countries, journalists would be hounding the council for an explanation on our behalf. What is wrong with us as a nation that we will happily bend over for this time and time again?

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Then an An Bord Pleanala

Is the council required to compensate people if it un-zones land? I didn’t think so.

Every second field in Ireland has been rezoned from agricultural to some other ‘supposedly’ more profitable or higher value use. Why not rezone the entire countryside high density residential and put a stop to the shafting of taxpayers. Its only zoning after all planning permission is another matter. It may be the only way we’ll be able to address our infrastructure deficit and build a sustainable economy. :cry: :imp:

I would go the other way and zone land based on what it is not suitable for. Any land not so zoned is therefore suitable for any building.

Yeah, have 2 zonings, “Protected” and “Anything Goes”.

“Protected” for greenbelt, land of national importance (nature reserves, battle sites, Tara…), ludicrously fertile farmland that should stay as farmland. Protected status can only be changed via a Dáil vote.

Everywhere else, build what ye like as long as you can get planning permission (I’m assuming here the planning process is also completely overhauled and put on a professional corruption-free basis).

Land Re-zoning is just another debased form of Licence Capitalism, and Licence Capitalism always leads to corruption and wild inefficiency.

Why dont the revenue introduce a re-zoned land value tax and tax the thieves 99% of the increase in value and also make it a stipulation that it cannot be offset against rental income, business or personal income.

That should keep the value realistic, also this type of thing is not business its moral fraud and encouraged by backhanders galore. There should be thorough investigations of the participants involved in this state asset stripping. :imp:

Because that’s just adding another layer of bueaucracy and regulation and cost to faff around with the symptoms, rather than treating the underlying problem.

For some reason Irish people are extremely prone to this sort of acting busy. As a nation and as individuals we’ll go to quite extraordinary lengths, time, effort and cost wandering round the houses and tying ourselves in knots arseing about with symptoms, while refusing to accept that the (usually obvious) underlying problem even exists.

It’s far quicker and cheaper to just diagnose the real problem and fix it, but we seem to have a bit of a psychosis about plain speaking and plain thinking.

Ahem Sidewinder

My post was a joke and a snipe at the crapola that happens in this country (maybe I should have noted that on the post)

Anyway I didnt mean to be misleading, Im just as sick of this as everyone else. :blush:

Land re-zoning has bugger all to do with capitalism - it is a form (and an idiotic form at that) of restricting things for the ‘public good’ (in theory), which makes it far closer to the ‘central planning’ approach of communism than the ‘directed chaos’ approach of the free market.

The habit of using ‘capitalism’ as a de-facto insult is starting to resemble the american use of ‘socialist’ as a political slur.

Heres a case where a developer in North Dublin was awarded mega bucks in compensation from a county council for not being allowed to build on land which was NOT zoned properly in the first place.
In Mallow, the land IS already properly designated for building on so surely they would have a watertight case if their zoning was withdrawn.

source: … leID=28074
Issue date: March 26, 1989

Apologies if I was unclear, that’s really what I meant.

“Licence Capitalism” is my term for the kind of rigged markets where the State decrees that only certain people can operate in it, where the State can alter the basis of the market by switching the status of assets (like re-zoning), where the State erects entirely artificial barriers to entry and operation.

The Privateer “free market” brigade generally don’t want a free market. They want a rigged market, rigged by the State to provide a private-equity monopoly or oligopoly with exclusive rights to exploit. They usually rant on about free markets and capitalism and profit-motives and the like, but really as you say they are looking for a bastardised form of central planning - except where the costs are socialized and the profits privatised (into their own pockets).

“Licence Capitalism” isn’t capitalism at all. But those who are very loud and very vocal in trying to force it into every possible industry like to pretend it is.

Hope that is a bit clearer now!

Crony Capitalism is another name for the phenomenon. Licence Capitalism is a perfect name for it though as the pub trade in Ireland is a perfect example of it action.

Exactly. Or the old taxi trade, or the mobile phone industry, or electricity generation & distribution (California and Britain spring to mind), or “deregulated” transport markets (e.g. British trains), or…

Markets rigged by the State where the favoured few basically get a licence to print money. Ireland is rife with it, but it’s common everywhere else too.