Land Development Authority - Quango+


Super Quango ± NPHET for Land?

There use to be a certain reflex for Quango watching, but these days most seem happy with the BORG life.

So here is the latest addition to this BORG Nation.

LDA is a commercial, State-sponsored body that has been created to coordinate land within State control for more optimal uses where appropriate, with a focus on the provision of housing.

Is this spin for a Semi-Sate Company?

In the past we had utilities, telecoms, power etc. etc. now the passion seems to be for burying political processes and hard work to unelected bodies left right and centre, destroying foundational mechanisms designed to allowed the common good retain it’s stability and structure by creating massive democratic oversight deficits with the flick of a pen.

So with that characteristically dour expectation, that it’s broken before it has begun following a certain model of occultation - how long before this thing is blamed for all manner of woe?

Invariably this thing and all these things are setup to house the mass immigration numbers booked in by various underreported agreements, treaties or back room deals. Think of Ireland as an open AirBNB for the big Bilderberg Back Better & Weffies agendanistas.

Housing for All strategy 2021

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This spot around Citywest, Ballymount must be one of the biggest of the planned sites in these 2030 plans.

A NEW REDEVELOPMENT project is aiming to massively increase the population of a west Dublin area from 5,000 to at least 75,000 people.

The proposed area for the City Edge development from Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council spans 700 hectares between the Naas Road, Ballymount and Park West.

The area currently holds around 1,600 homes and 1,500 businesses with a population of 5,000 people and 25,000 jobs.

The long-term redevelopment would seek to increase that to 40,000 homes, 75-85,000 people and 65-75,000 jobs.