Land Grab by builders around Dublin

Just an article in todays herald about the hoarding by rich builders of zoned land around Dublin and suggests an annual tax for not releasing serviced and zoned land.

The amount of sites zoned surprised me!

Never heard of the 1973 Kenny report before either!

Hopefully, you can read it ok!

EDIT: A quick Sharpen & levels change and hopefully its a bit clearer.

In Dublin in 2006 there were 162,000 zoned and serviced sites, 19,470 new homes were built in the Greater Dublin Area in that year. Possibly between ten and twelve years supply of zoned land in Dublin, according to Dan White. So no supply issue then.

Can I suggest the Pinsters get writing. Explain to your local TD and to Ahern (cough, splutter, pooh) the disadvantages for the electorate of rich individuals hoarding land in OUR country. I’m gonna do it. I won’t sign BertieBasher though. :wink:

Throw in the price of land to the equation (see Savills graph) … c&start=15