Land values down 90pc from peak - indo

I know it’s referred to already, but the headline is startling… … 14252.html

Obviously this only applies to the value of land backed by loans that are NOT going into NAMA.

Why do you think the NAMA land would be any different to the average. Or have I missed the sarcasm.

On Christmas Eve, babe, the Department of Finance said to me, NAMA’ll be a better one…

Eh, viewtopic.php?f=50&t=27238

NAMA land has an LTEV of 25%… other land is presumably stuck with the original 10%…

More contra-intuitive propaganda from the mainstream media.

Rather than try to pump prices, they are now stating that prices are already down 90%.

The message remains unchanged; ‘theres never been a better time to buy’.

As I said on another thread, beware the power of the media.

Sarcasm it was. It is very difficult to deal with any NAMA related issues without it. We all knew NAMA would probably loose taxpayer money. I am only now beginning to realise exactly how much money will be lost.

15-35 bn…
Oh, and it’s ‘lose’
‘loose’ is what you don’t want the noose to be…

Correct. But what the funk is this crap??!!?
Its is over here as well

The ‘never been a better time to buy’ has been around for ages but the new ‘they can’t stay this cheap for long’… ‘god damn its a 90% off extravaganza’… ‘get in here and show me the money’ shit has been going on for the past couple of months.
Its the bottom lads. And its being shouted by means of any lazy journo who’ll listen and pass it on as news.
:angry: {rant over}

I tell you what Guy, show me a site, suitable to my needs that is currently available & has dropped in price by 90%, & I’ll buy it !

Go on, should be an easy sale for you ! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Funny sir should mention that!

We just happen to have a very eager seller who has a bit of prime Dublin commercial real estate worth 90% less than it’s purchase price.

A bit of the old contamination and such - but nothing to worry about.

Mmmm, I was planning a more modest abode, but I suppose I might be able to get the bank to loan me a few mill :mrgreen:

[Edit] Anyone know what the turnover of the old bottle factory was ?

There was uproar when it closed because it was (I believe) the only site where glass could be recycled. So it must have had some value.