Landlords chase dead girl’s family for rent

This is a pretty sick story.

Liverpool Echo

Absolutely disgarceful. Some people have no shame

Before anyone rushes to judgement has anyone heard the Landlords side of the story yet.

Surely on a technical point now that the poor girl is deceased by virtue of this she is no longer a tenant and thus there is no longer an issue of tenancy or rent as the key particiapnt of the agreement is dead I don’t see how the contract is enforceable.

Unless there is some macabre clause.

What possible justification could they have GB

I heard a snippet on the radio yesterday about this. It seems the girl’s dad was Guarantor on the lease. It’s him they’re after for money. I think it was that Mooney program on RTE 1 yesterday pm. Aengus McNally or some other RTE also ran was presenting it while Mooney was on leave …

Either way, I’d have little sympathy for the LL. There are always two sides to a story, but this seems particularly nasty from a human point of view.


The girl is dead

the LL doesn’t give a **** because he’s a hungry f******

end of story

Its still a contract you know :confused: and the guarantor is still alive :confused:

Anyone else feel sorry for the letting agent? Not a nice position to find yourself in.

The landlord has a contract absolving him of any moral decency!

“May the hairs on his arse turn to shillelaghs and beat the shite out of him”
as my dear old granny would say.

Its a contract and without knowing UK or Irish contract law you would presume that for there to be a valid contract of “tenancy” (service to deliver) there must be a “tenant” FFS!

Pound of flesh

The scum doesn’t always win.
In Spain, a man mowed down a little boy on his bicycle. The boy died and there was a court case and the driver got away with it on a technicality.
The driver took out proceedings to sue the family of the boy for damage to his car.
Upon finding this out the judiciary put a little of his own time into the investigation and discovered that the driver was going twice the speed limit. The case was reopened and the driver will now be doing time.

As a landlord I personally would not go after the parents in such a case. They have enough on their plate. I would ask the other students if they could get someone else in until June. If they cant, thats it, take the hit.
I used to let some properties in Liverpool to students but never again, not even with parents also signing the lease.

Forget as a landlord…

you actually mean as a normal human being…

Basic flippin decency

Beggars belief that anyone would try and chase rent for a dead daughter from grieving parents…

What if the local video store turned up at the funeral…

Sorry for your loss but,…eh… any chance of sorting out the £45 overdues she had on Dances with Wolves…

If you are in business as a landlord you have to look at all aspects in a businesslike manner. You do have mortgages to meet at the end of the month. Over the years I have been told dozens of sob stories as to why there is no rent, most of them lies. You do have look at each non payment on its merits and act accordingly. In this case the landlord should send condolances not demands.

yeah you’re right, as sob stories Go “I’m dead” is a pretty solid reason for not paying the rent.

As a parent “she’s dead” is also a pretty good reason for them not paying rent on her behalf.

It just surprises me that some posters here would still look for their cash.

I presume seeing as eviction is the ultimate sanction for non payment the Landlord just hasn’t got much to work with here…

Perhaps some of the other posters feel a good solicitor would be able to ensure the parents honour their contractual obligations and fork out the couple of grand.

No criticism of Angler intended .

In the UK there has been a high take up of Buy-to-Let among the public, as a consequence many people are in over their heads and they don’t have the margin for loss of revenue. Do you think the landlord can go back to their mortgage provider and say sorry one of my tenants died and I won’t be able to make the mortgage payments on time for the next 6 months? Will the mortgage provider be so lenient especially in the current credit crunch environment?

Unfortunately it’s one for the solicitors and barristers to argue over. :frowning:

Throwing good money after bad…
Take the hit…

shared house 6 months

Maximum £3k at stake here

so the Landlord can piss and moan all he wants but if he can’t afford the hit then he needs to get out of the game

What rubbish. If you are renting out places and you haven’t covered your arse for situations like this then you wouldn’t be around for long anyway. IMO there are a lot of fair weather LLs around at the moment. Only the super lucky (I don’t say skilled, cause there isn’t any skill.) will be around in a year or two.