landlords & cost offsetting question

Hi all,

We’re in a great rented house, but it’s rather cold and bills are way high. So… we thought about approaching the landlord and offering to contribute something towards increasing the attic insulation, and possibly a new boiler.

Before we go ahead and approach him, and once we’ve got the estimates, would anyone on here be able to give me an idea of what a landlord can ‘claim back’ (for want of a better phrase) against tax? I have a vague idea that the costs of investment by a landlord/lady in their property (e.g. furniture/repainting/repairs) etc. can be offset against tax or something, but I’m not clear on that at all. I’d like to get a better idea first so that we can gauge the likely ‘yes/no’ response and also what kind of proportion that us offering to pay might induce a ‘yes’ answer but not leave us footing most of the bill.

thanks in advance


All repairs are deductible.

You should also look, or get the landlord to look (maybe if you do the legwork for him?), at the schemes are are available through the ESB, SEI etc.

The SEI scheme: … FAQ/#avail

Not sure if the ESB are still running theirs?

thanks grumpy. Deductible to what extent - 100%? 42%? 20%?

thanks YM, blackdog BD - we had the halo guy round today (after fibbing about owning own house) - awaiting his report.
kind of confirmed what we knew anyway, and he wasn’t an expert in boilers - more of an ‘all round’ type. Did give useful info though.

Fully deductible for the landlord against his rental income at his marginal (ie highest) rate of tax. Of course he has to have a rental profit to set it against :smiley:

thanks grumpy - props to the superfast typing!

Wouldnt the likes of a new boiler be a capital expenditure?ie claimed at 12.5% over 8 years?

A new boiler will cost €1100 plus installation, i’d write it off( against tax) in the year incurred. Otherwise you are farting around with €250 pa capital allowance.

Note to OP, attic insulation is meant to be dirt cheap in B&Q at the moment…

thanks all!