Landlords lay claim to property at scenic spot

Landlords lay claim to property at scenic spot → … 07972.html

Or as we call it in the trade, doing an “O’Gara” Not the rugby O’Gara. A different one ]

Time for Pikes from the thatch.

chancers looking for a quick buck.

Maybe the locals could offer to bring their prospective overlords on a boating trip to survey their lovely scenery?

How did the Middletons come to own the property anyway? I mean was it purchased from someone else or were they planters? If the answer is the later then they can f*** off, if it the former and they havnt been in touch for 35 years and at the same time neglected to contact anyone for that period of time then they can do the above as well. Gold diggers. :unamused:

Bull McCabe: There’s another law stronger than the common law.
Father Doran: What’s that?
Bull McCabe: The law of the land.

Ugh. Leasehold and freehold.

An executor spent 7 years sorting this out on some inherited property before my brothers and I could sell it. My grandfather, before his death, had been battling with it for 8 - the leasehold had expired. I think in our case a reasonable effort was made to contact any descendants of the original freehold owner, after which we paid a nominal fee for the freehold, to be held by the county registrar to pay anyone that ever tried the above.

Obviously this land hasn’t changed hands in a while. Really they should have secured, at a minimum, an extension to the leasehold at some point. Shitty thing to do, but it’ll be tough to stop this action.

“valuable location” & “north-west”

Someone should tell the Midletons that they’re about to be paid in light pigs.

Rosses point is lovely,
think of it as the dalkey of sligo if you know what I mean.

Lots of cash being forked out during boom times.
Back in the seventies the propertyy owners struggled to finng descendents of the middleton estate to buy their freehold, and it was fifty years before that I believe since there was any active management of their freehold titles.
So what you have in effect is descendents of planters coming back 100 years after the fact looking to steal stuff.

hopefully some judge with a bit of cop on, will run them off.

According to this article the law was changed in the UK but not Ireland. So I assume if they tried the same stunt over there they wouldn’t have much of a leg to stand on. … e23_08.htm

What I want to know is why is this the case in a country with a history like Irelands? :open_mouth:

Actually, no need to answer that |O

One could send him a postcard asking him to be reasonable and drop the case:

The Revd Guy Chave-Cox St.Paul’s Vicarage Old Sticklepath Hill Barnstaple Devon EX31 2BG

Tel: 01271344400.

… or drop him a note on his facebook: … 1484855832

JC Skinner’s blog has a rant about it: … shmen.html

Sez your man, Guy Chave-Cox, " is behaving like both a chav and a cock, thereby fulfilling the demands of his preposterous surnames".

Drop him a line!
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What a greedy idiot,

Obviously he is not aware of the emotions he will stir with this carry on. I wonder is he getting much sleep with the thoughts of all the boys up north that he is winding up.

Absolutely no question about it… if this affected the land my house was on… the good vicar would be getting a visit from me in the wee hours of the morning [note I’m not advising others to do this… just saying ‘if it was me’]

What a chump.

Go home yank go home


Ground rent buyout scheme challenged

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