Landlords slow to release vacant accommodation


Ignoring the general obscenity of the whole RAS, one reason LLs are reluctant to use it is that I understand the rent is still given to the tenant, who is then responsible for passing it to the LL. Is that correct, anyone?

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No, the landlord is paid directly.

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Property being let to RAS tenants have to meet ‘high standards’ such as BER, tax compliance, good furniture etc., not just your average kip rented to those ordinarily on rent supplement.
Also landlords don’t have to pay the €200 tax on a RAS letting

I love it… what possible justification could there be for this?

I wonder how the landlords feel about committing to the four years, I would think there may be a lot of them out there who would gladly sell up and quit the letting business, if they got half a chance.

From what I can make out, there are different approaches. The above is a longer-term state initiated rental. There seems to be another more ad-hoc type of arrangement that involves the tenant being sent the RA amount. I suppose this would account for the rentals on Daft that accept RA. … supplement

The RAS scheme was introduced to phase out RA.
RA was initially meant to be a short term payment. The RAS is a completely different scheme that is meant to be long term.

From the website.