Landmark Merrion Square house sells for just €485,000 … 94924.html


Can assume it needed total re-plumbing re-wiring etc, but unless there was something structurally wrong with the building (a risk, being end of terrace), this looks like a decent purchase for whoever bought it.

135 EUR a Sq Ft on Merrion Square…hmmm!!!

there’s a reason why Joseph Estates are “little known”

Not much info on their blog!

The cost to repair it would be huge but still the site value alone must be work the 485k even in this market … I wonder did Joseph himself buy it ?

Indeed, rich EAs. :wink: If it was a NAMA property there’d be apoplexy!

You know what. This is great news. There have been a sea change in the last 6 weeks. People now realise that 1,000 euros (after tax) is actually hard earned. That buying a fixer upper is only half the story. I can hear the sale agreeds dropping as the cold winds of reality blow in.

Buying in the popcorn for Allsops. Will cover the porcorn in ghee. Ghee is a butter - glee is verboten…

There could be a very good reason it sold for so little
Its a listed building after all, end of terrace

I once bid on a house in London that looked abnormally cheap. After the structural survey I figured out why. It was end of terrace and held up by Tie-Bars to stop it bringing the whole terrace down. I ran a million miles after I heard that
Have also heard of stories in London where people just “sit” on derilict Listed buildings that need work…then they get smacked with a planning order to upkeep the place to avoid it becoming a safety risk. Suddenly the place is a liability.

Not saying that any of this applies in this case…but one does need to be very very careful when buying a listed building that “needs work”

ya refurb would be extremely high but even still … 485k. This is prime city real estate. Even if it costs 600k to do it up its worth it.

“The property itself is in a poor state of decorative repair and condition however from we have been informed that building itself is structurally sound.”

I’d have had a crack at that. It has been standing since 1750. Hardly about to go.

it’s a while since I did my leaving cert but I immediately thought of this! :smiley: :smiley: … as_05.html

Sheer coincidence perhaps but another Merrion Square house which has been on sale for the past couple of months through Knight Frank for 3.5m, today vanished from there site and also and Daft prehaps they caught themselves on when the sale price of this one was made public via the press XX

But would you want to live there? You have a very busy road outside your house and no real outside space. I am guessing it will be turned into apartments and rented out.

I heard this was some sort of inside job. Dont ask me how that works out but thats what i heard

Ken McDonald used to operate out of 52 Merrion Sq? … 19303.html

There is now planning permission up for change of use into a chocolate museum :smiley: … questions/
“Number 95 Merrion Square- known as Apothocaries’ Hall- is a listed building. It is, depending on which property website you read, sale agreed or was sold to an unknown foreign overseas buyer last November”

I would take that blog with a large serving of salt.

Sunday Times today lists the owner (some Irish guy who runs a Chinese fund) and says he’s coming back to live in the top couple of floors and run the bottom as a chocolate museum.

Do you think that there are mistakes on the register or am I missing something?

Link to the property for those who don’t remember it.

Had a write up in a few of the papers…

Residential Property Price Register


PSRA Website

Address Information 95 Merrion Square

Sale Information Date of Sale: 28/11/2011
Price: €111,766.00
Atypical Transaction: No
VAT Exclusive: No
Description of Property: Second-Hand Dwelling house /Apartment
Property Size Desc.:
Other Properties in this Sale No other properties

Anybody know what’s going on here? I understand the cafe in the basement closed down? Did it ever even open?