Lapwing, Skerries (-35k / -6.4%) … in/2160963

These are actually off the plan, there is one show house built only.

They are detached but there is minimal back garden, no front garden (just a drive way), they are very close together (may as well be semi D’s) and the estate isn’t finished - its surrounded by iron railing and contains an unfinished underground carpark - a horrific concrete jungle.

If you have kids there is no real green area - there is some in the middle of the estate but its just grass covering rocks (not landscaped or suitable for football) and the builders yard is close by.

The bit of grass you see in the photo is a steep hill and is very small.

They make no appeal - even at 250k.

These are back with a €90k price increase after 1st phase all sold. … in/3223800

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