Large Galway based developer going under

A lagre developer/builder based in Galway is indifficulty and has put some subsidary cos into receivership. Anglo Irish are the banker…

This outfit develop properties in galway and dublin. They are one of the Galway races set, fast cars, helcopters etc…

Any more info or is this local speculation? Is it one the bigger Galway builders?

When will this be made public? Will it effect their main business?

Not one of the biggest but a tier 2 operator. It would make local news if it becomes public.

I hear that they are having to dispose of assets, which should be interesting if certain sites sell for less than they would have in the past around Galway and Dublin.

Dublin sites are down 25%+.

I have heard nothing specific myself and as for helicopters and fast cars …even a Tier 4 Galway developer would have them !!! ,

Tier one would be a Jetranger and Bentley type while Tier 4 would be a LWB Interturbo injector turbo Pajero and Robinson R22 sort of merchant 8)

And sure its only the one company in the group as well from the sound of it. You can always PM me the name for my further inveshtimagations .