Large-scale Dublin Mosque gets green light - Blanchardstown


I think Apple missed a trick by not converting to Church status, they tick all the boxes at this stage surely! :astonished:

Reminds me of Knock somewhat.


Didn’t do Clonskeagh any harm.

Was invited to the mosque in Clonskeagh about 10 years ago - I had written something in a newspaper (not remotely inflammatory) about surgical scrubs for Muslim doctors in Europe. Pretty deft media monitoring and engagement by Ali, I thought!

Anyway, he showed me around on a Friday afternoon, had a long chat, ate some nice food from their canteen thingy. Was feeling fairly positive about it all until he mentioned wanting Muslim-only schools so they could teach Islamic religion, values and have have gender-based PE etc.

I tried my best Educate Together pitch but it didn’t go well! Agreed to disagree in the end.


Sounds most Catholic


Yeah, I’ve often thought that the thing which will finally trigger secular education in Ireland is non-Christians pushing for equal treatment. (I admit ignorance in this matter, maybe they have it already).

The UK went the wrong way with this under Blair, IMO. Very difficult to put toothpaste in the tube once it’s out.


What could possibly go wrong

Why can’t we learn from the mistakes already made in so many other countries


I think what might trigger secular education is lapsed/social Catholics embracing secularism as a way of blocking Muslim-only education


According to the article on the issue of school.

You have to wonder would anyone not of islamic faith send their children to an islamic school be they, atheist or other faith based parents alike?

I wonder was this a key commitment of attaining the planning permission granted?

I would expect the reality to be entirely different.


Yes, that’s what I was trying to write, only worser!


Most unlikely. Lapsed Catholics are too busy virtue signalling their tolerance of all things non-Catholic. So for instance, last Wednesday RTE radio had an item for the start of Ramadan wherein the Muslim invitee explained what is was all about. “So it’s a bit like Lent” said the presenter helpfully. Definitely not, according to the Muslim, it’s not just about “giving up chocolate” but also fasting, praying, repentance, acts of charity, etc. What do you think are the chances of RTE hosting an actual practicing Catholic to explain how Lent is about those things too?

Regarding the OP, is Blanchardstown missing its version of Shane Ross? Or is there something else that makes a four-storey apartment block “out of character” for Stillorgan while a four-storey mosque is suitable for Blanch?


Looks like they’ll have Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses as neighbours, according to Google maps from the location in the ad for the site.