Las Vegas Housing Bubble Update

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I wonder how Harcourt is doing

Maybe they can blame global warming for any property price drops … … rming.html

Blue Horseshoe

Having rather a torrid time of it in Jersey right now, dear boy:

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Very interesting! A couple of years ago Mrs. Lot and I were in Las Vegas. We were in the hotel lobby checking in, when a guy in a suit came over and asked us were we staying in the hotel and then brought us over to a desk offering us free tickets to a show. The guy at the desk had an excellent patter and was scroling through a screen to see what show we might like to see, none really appealed but anyway in the middle of it all he slipped in a bit about going to see a presentation about apartments.Turns out they were timeshare! :open_mouth: I smiled and finished the conversation there and then. The whole thing was very smooth and I’m not surprised they got a few suckers. But I was annoyed to be confronted with this as a paying guest in the hotel. All very tacky! I can see how it might appeal to Mr. and Mrs. Canny McSavvy though!
All in all, I wasn’t a big fan of Las Vegas to be honest, spent most of the time by the pool enjoying the sun for a few days.

I actually worked in a hotel like this for a few months in 2005 while in college (I was on one of those student summer visas), in South Carolina. And the timeshare guy in my hotel did the EXACT same routine that you described. He even used to throw in a free buffet breakfast if the guests attended a timeshare presentation. It was on a beach resort that was going through a big redevelopment boom. However, most of the new developments were being built on the site of existing older hotels that were due to be demolished, including the one I was working in. I wonder what the place is like now, Id imagine its full of halted building sites.

Tried google maps?

Yep! We got offered the breakfast as well! Once we sat through a three hours sales pitch! I would rather have breakfast in Guantanamo! It’s obviously a tried and trusted method! Managed to reel in a few cute hoors from Ireland anyway!