Las Vegas trip questioned

They were learning from the CSI gang how to get away with their crimes.

Think they were giving the lessons to CSI !!!

its a research trip for a new gambling zone in the north west to be funded by tax incentives. We can have young wans runnin around in green boob tunes and orange hot pants

"we’ll have our own las vegas, in the hills of deonegal "

Fucking joke!

Off with their heads :imp:

This is the sort of shite that has the citizens of this country perplexed, frustrated, and sick to the back teeth of politicians of all parties and hues.

They sit for very few days in total (one of the lowest in the western world ?) - most of the time the Dail is in session consists of a handful of TDs in the chamber reading from scripts prepared by their department’s civl servants.

There is NO level of genuine debate even at Taoiseach’s question time - and then when an issue of genuine importance such as why EI are funding trips for fucking builders to Las Vegas, the arcane rules of the Oireachtas (which we’ve been promised reform of now for many years) require that Bull O’Donoghue calls a halt to the question and the Minister skips away totally unchallenged and unrequired to address the allegation.

And for this level of juvenile shite-ology, the participants are paid eye-watering salaries which make Brown, Merkel and Obama look like friggin’ paupers ! Give me fucking strength :cry:

Casino capitalism indeed! :smiling_imp:

fixed that for you

Ive watched a few oireactas sessions recently and that Ceann comhairle has alot to answer for, he manipulates the debate and many times he stops questioning or bails out some FF idiot before the FF idiot has even realised he is about to open his gob and walk into a trap set by Eamon gilmore or someother opposition TD.

The ceann comhairle is a disgrace to his position and is moderating the debate to protect the VIs in FF whoi have ridden the country .

He should stick to what he knows best … making fecking Shepards pie in what ever boghole he lives in (no offence kerrynorth or kerrysouth)

As heard over the Dail xmas 45day break

Thanks for that BoB. I was about to ask would the question have stood if it had been phrased more politely/obtusely, but I think you’ve covered that.

One more item for “the list” that grows be the day.

ED for superfluousness

Caherciveen. So no offence to Kerrynorth then…

Totally agree, everyone I speak to is totally sickened by them all, there is real anger out here, you bet!

Im not seeing it really, not the level of anger that there should be, these people should be behind bars. And if they arent people should be demanding laws that put them behind bars. How do you make someone create a law that will put themself behind bars? You dont - revolution. Im seeing this “anger” but not whats needed for a revolution. Im only seeing people ticked off about their own personal situation. Maybe the Celtic Tiger attitude that we keep hearing about will stay through the downturn. Maybe it was always the way. Maybe Im being too harsh here and maybe its because people dont understand whats going on. In fairness to people its been like a low level brainwashing about property over the past few years

Great to see the Ceann Comhairle has not let the recession upset his social life , taken from the Irish Film and TV awards last night … … 41185.html

I remember seeing the bould “Zero Tolerance” Jimbo out at a greyhound meeting on a saturday night a couple of years ago. He looks seriously unhealthy, a product I’d imagine of too many fine corporate dinners, given the way he was tucking in to one. Nowhere near as bad as Mati Harney granted, but still…