Lastest Poll 02/12/2010

Sinn Fein kickin ass and taking names, I bet if Labour or Fine Gael had any guts regarding defaulting they would be doing the same. Alas they are every bit as populist as FF

An amazing kick in the nuts for FF! From the ‘party of power’ to little more than the margin of error. And all it took was selling the country into slavery…

Agreed, it is not a socially acceptable answer to say you support FF. They’ll out perform their poll results by at least 8% and claim a moral victory.

Jeez, a possible SF/FF coalition…with Gerry Adams as Taoiseach??!

tch - and I was about to go to bed. Now I won’t sleep a wink thinking about that. Don’t be scaring me before bed-time greentree! :wink:

Will they know where you live too ? :nin

Sinn fein are the big story. The true green fianna fail working class vote is bleeding to sinn fein. This is very bad for Labour and Fine gael. Sinn fein may transfer well to fianna fail.

I wouldnt be so sure about that. Sinn Fein rose steeply in the polls only to take a substantial dip on election day. Remember Mary Lou in Dublin Central?

Wait until the campaign starts properly and people’s minds start focussing.

I reckon they will come out with about 12% of the vote on polling day.

The SF vote is a protest vote and I doubt if it will be sustained during the election but non the less it is a call for change to releave ourselves of FF and the greens and with that in mind I think their base will expand. But we would be much better off if it frightened the bejaysus out of the current collection of parties we have into making changes to the political system so its more transparent rather than the hide and seek the sitting government play with the other parties in the Dail

So FF 's vote is transferred to SF at the next election and then back again at the one after that .
The real problem is that FG and Labour have failed to make hay from the greatest ecomomic disaster in the states history .

It either says something about Irish people or the quality of FG and Labour that FF have recieved a easy ride from the opposition .
They have been in power for over 13 years for the complete boom to bust . There is no one else to blame yet they have been able to get away with NAMA and pumping billions into failed and broken banks . When the money finally ran out they reduced us to a complete failure and utter joke on the international stage by going cap in hand to the IMF .

And still the opposition have failed to capitalise on the situation . The only party to have made gains is one that is populated by terrorists , scum bags , thugs , murderers , criminals and when the heat gets to much , snithches , rats and turncoats .

Does the country move from a bunch of centre right school teachers who have their snouts in the trough to a bunch of socialist criminals and murderers with their snouts in the trough ?

The “National Association of Marlon Brando Lookalike Appreciation”?

North American Man Boy Love Association

There’s a South Park episode on it.

By the by, why is this thread called the “Lastest” poll?

There are always going to be diehard party supporters come hell or high water.
Around these parts we call them Fiannaphiles :open_mouth:

National Asset Management (Brian Lenihan’s) Agency…

That is both brilliant and evil . ’ We will , we will , fuck you ’

It looks like the first part of this could happen.
The nationalist-minded part of the working class has always voted FF - because they actually represented the working class in the 30s, while FG represented our “betters”. FG still want to be that party, but since the 60s those with money have moved to support FF, and have finally taken the party over absolutely; which is why I would not be so sure about voters who move to SF moving back to FF at the next election.
Another aspect of this is that younger voters who have no history of voting FF or who are not yet set in their voting pattern will now transfer their allegiance totally to SF. These are votes that won’t be coming back to FF, and as their parents/grandparents age and die, FF will drift away into the ether.

I agree. Which of these parties have said they will renege on any deal with the EU/ECB/IMF?
Have they suggested privatising the debt that FF has taken on in our name but without our agreement?
My suggestion would be to privatise it - by referendum if necessary - to those who foisted it on us: FF, the upper management and directors of the banks.

I disagree completely.

The REAL PROBLEM… it that despite creating two catastrophic collapses, the economy, & the banks, each sufficient to justify putting them all against a wall & shooting them; 20% of the Irish electorate will, as others have pointed out, almost certainly vote for FF & the Greens !!!

The Irish Public is the problem; not FF, not the Greens, not any of the political parties.

While we continue to tolerate this scum; we cannot really complain when they act the way they do.

Has anyone thought about Ivor Callely lately ?

Do people realise that he is back in the Seanad collecting a salary ?

Steal big, Steal little.

I thought the PDs were gone, and they could hardly be called socialist, national socialist maybe?