latest.php has the shakes

Why has latest.php developed the shakes. I have noticed on my work machine and now at home that as the topic_unread_hot.gif loads for the first time on the page the page shifts right by one or two pixels as each instance of topic_unread_hot.gif is displayed and then reverts to normal position. It may be all the gif’s causing this effect.

I think it’s you may have to change the date on your machine.

Worked for me!

Noticed that as well, thought it was my PC.


It’s the day that’s in it! :wink:

Changed my time preferences in profile but the effect is still there.

Is this it?

'Fraid so.

Damn stupid practical jokes, mutter, mumble

You know you’re getting old when… eh, I forget when…


latest.php has the shakes

Thank fcuk for that - I thought I had the shakes myself.