Laughable ask for 49 Synge Street Dublin 8

Me thinks the vendor is having a laugh with an asking price of €825 for 49 Synge Street - well I laughed. … -8/3209953

Not to mention the three flights of stairs the visitors have to climb to take a leak!

Yes I thought that too! I think the area is suffering from a lot of that at the moment, a couple of very decent houses in the area went at similar (and slightly higher prices) in the past six months and it’s clear the EAs are pricing other non comparable houses similarly, lots of people viewing them, not hearing any offers though. I viewed another one, 20 Synge St currently up at 850k, equally overpriced, a “developer” and his EA are also having a laugh!

Not familiar with the particular property but from the description it sounds like a phoney-sale by a distressed owner. Deliberate overpricing is a common tactic in contemporary Ireland for holding off the bank while not actually selling.