Laughable at this stage. Jaysus.

You’d almost feel pity. Almost.

How many times have we hit the bottom now?

This really is scraping the bottom of the barrel. :laughing:

Only 650 buyers in Dublin. Someone should tell them there over 6,500 places for sale.

Let me put it this way. Glengarry Glen Ross wasn’t a work of fiction.

What the fuck does this even mean?

A house ‘stretching…from Crumlin to Dartry’??

The Irish Times is such a piss poor paper. It really is incredibly crap. It’s irredeemably worse than the Indepedent. At least the Independent doesn’t have airs and graces about it and pretend to be something it isn’t.

That is just cringeworthy stuff from Orna Mulcahy. I suppose Isabel Morton will have a puff piece in the supplement about how these recessionary times means that for yummy mummy gourmets sliced pan is really the new “foccacia.” :unamused:

You could read it another way. The headline on that piece could read “EA should cheerlead correction all the way to the bottom if they knew what was good for them”.

Only need to look at rents to see the disconnect - Hollybrook on Brighton road in Foxrock for sale at 1.25m euro (on my home but not daft so not sure how long it’s there … UCVU294590) yet rental now available at 1950 euro pm - that means the purchase price would be almost 50 times the annual rental income - laughable.

“the agency’s research”…???

Oooh, let’s ask our salespeople how many leads they have? How many do you think will say they’ve got diddly-squat???

Who was it that posted that Dilbert cartoon yesterday about the “easiest round of lay-offs ever”???

Fucking laughable. Research, me arse!!!

We’re going to see lots of bottom hitting for the next few years.

There’ll be more bottom hitting than at a Max Mosley soiree.

I know what this is. SF maintain a “hot list” of cash buyers ready to go. I know because I was told I. Was on one.

But I would question how much care SF took to weed out duplicates registered across multiple agents. I know some agents have my details others have my wife’s.

Also, how did they collate the intentions of these buyers? How do they know they are simply waiting for prices to stabilise?. Speaking as a member of the “hot list” :wink: I am not waiting for prices to stabilise, but for prices to each more sensible levels.

I’d guess I’m on it as well - I rang SF in June to make what these lads would consider a ‘ludicrous’ offer on a D6 property in the interests of research. I got a call last week asking was I still interested in property in the D6 area - I said yes but prices would need to damn near half from their present levels to make me thinkl about buying. They didn’t react one way or another or offer any particular property so it looks like it was part of this fishing trip.

Very impressive BS from SF… and I love the ‘hot buyers’ bit.

It reminds me of something Bill Cullen said in the apprentice when they were doing the car dealership task.
Something alongthe lines of “99% of the let me think of it crowd will never come back”.

Perhaps SF should try to deliver accurate predictions instead of highlighting such delusion.
I for one would not like to deal with them if I’m going to be pitched against this pool of ‘hot buyers’ for my dream home.

I’m in the exact same position.

It’s funny because I have been dealing with one of their agents recently - and she said the vendor was like every other vendor “just waiting for someone, anyone, to make an offer”.

I was also told that the house was priced with a view on going for much less, because thats “just what people are doing at the moment” - ie, they are making offers less than the asking, so the asking is pricing that in. So you have to guess. While we probably know this, it just makes this shit about “hot buyers” so annoying. Can they not see that this might feed some vendor’s belief that someone is about to turn up on their door with a million euro in a suitcase to buy their lovely semi-d, if only they wait?

I feel so hot right now.

“An additional 74 buyers are poised to spend €26 million in Cork city, according to the agency’s research.”

€351k each - pretty average
262 ads for properties for sale in Cork City Centre on Daft at the moment, many of which are developments of several houses.

Or alternative headline.

“0.059% of population of Dublin are interested in buying property”

Yeh, he used the term “be backs” though. In Bill Cullen Voice,
“We don’t count be backs cause 99% of be backs won’t be back !!!”

Orna Mulcahy must have had a white space to fill in a hurry.

Remember, she was complaining some while back about being spoofed by estate agents - that time it was on closing selling prices. BD

Mark Fitz-gerald is putting himself on a par with Arthur Daly and his clapped out Jaguar, telling the punter that he has
two potential purchasers on their way and it will be gone by evening, we are reaching the bottom alright the bottom of the integrity barrell.

Michael Moloney MCC (I) Laois CC