Law to introduce student work permits - Irish Times

This was bound to happen sooner or later and will have a massive impact on the rental sector. Does anyone have figures on the number of non-EU students in Ireland?

Well that’s one way to “keep jobs fer de oirish”, are the going to lose our lovely friendly foreign waitresses and shop assistants and have them replaced by some gouger who is bitter that he used to earn 100k as a labourer.

Yes I would suspect so. The Dept of Enterprise will not issue work permits for non-skilled jobs. Also it will not be worth it for most students to work only 20hrs a week.

I love trade unions :unamused:

Surely he meant underpaid, overworked? :wink:

To be fair, the retail sector is no picnic to work in but this sort of protectionism is disgusting.

Whats “disgusting” about protecting our own citizens from undercutting by cheap foreigners?

So the minister must want us to pay *higher *retail prices. While he’s at it, he should make the minimum wage €100/hour - then everyone would be rich, right? Thanks unions.

You are right, Dublin should kick out all the culchies so proper Dubliners have the jobs, rather than blow ins.

Why not send all the people from Dublin 15 back to Dublin 15, and all the people from Dublin 4 back to Dublin 4. Look after our own like?

If a job in the local Spar has become worthy of protectionism, then we are in more trouble that anyone knows. They do the jobs that Irish people don’t want to do and they earn every penny they get.

It’s really something to attack unions for protecting workers, from wherever they come, from <9 per hour.

And at the same time, to say nothing about ISME, which is really just a trade union by another name.

And some of whose members have often comprised the worst class of gougers we’ve had over the last decade.

It’s ignorant to think that these jobs are all filled by foreign labour anyway. A lot of them are with Irish women, just trying to supplement the family income.

There are plenty little zenophobic a***holes going around, who wouldn’t hesitate to employ ‘‘cheap foreign labour’’ (to use a proper idiom) to suit themselves. And who don’t do patriotism when it comes to providing goods and services to their fellow-citizens either.

Just imagine how much more expensive Ireland would be without foreign workers the people moving here are like the deflationary effect cheap chinese goods had on the US

I’d rather protect the foreigners from the “cheap” Irish!!! :open_mouth:

They still should have the correct documentation to work here.

I cant believe so many people on this forum object to requiring foreigners to have a visa to work here. If an irish person goes to australia to work he’ll be fingerprinted on the way in and out as well as requiring documentation.

The number of retards on this forum is staggering.

Youre so filled with self-loathing. Its binge-drinking unisexual losers like you that hold this country back.

So lets see, you are advocating immigration for us (Irish) in the immigration thread but protection from “outsiders” in dear auld Ireland.

Double standards perhaps???

Are you suggesting that these people are working illegally? Who cares if they have a piece of paper with “Work Permit” on it, so long as they are working within the legal limits they are fine.

As for getting the student visas they need to come here in the first place they need to jump through all sorts of hoops for those. Its not like you can just say “I’m a student” and they will wave you through immigration.

Thankfully the number of people who delve into name-calling when people won’t agree with them is quite low. Are you Bertie Ahern in disguise by any chance?

its o.k. if you’re argentinian though

they get a year with no hassle. i think people should be allowed to come and go as the economy dictates, getting a visa for a foreign worker here is just insane, you have to advertise in the national papers three times and all sorts of stupid shyte. at the same time controls need to be in place, fact: most of our new cases of AIDS are reported in sub-saharan africans, so we are importing in killer diseases… that’s stupid.

Rest assured that the number is reducing by the day as we enacted the policy in the form of user bans from repeat offenders.