Leeds, the poster child of the UK crash has 13% empty

Thats about the same as Dublin does ,

British empties are AS stoopid as Irish empties may I say but there are a hell of a lot fewer of them as a % of the total housing stock .

bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= … refer=home

i lived in leeds as a student (chestnut avenue, the most burgled street in britain, the Mirror said during my stay)

its a shilthole, oh god its really shit, i had my car stolen so many times it was boring.
our house was robbed countless times.

I was threatened with death by my local “indian” community

you think Moy Ross is bad. i could talk for hours about the bad experiances i had in leeds.

Beaten up, robbed, burgled, threatened, etc etc.

good grief, poster boy? no, its a miracle somebody chose to invest in it.
Limerick is nothing on leeds…