Legal Limit on inhabitants per dwelling


Hi house recently rented on my road, very small 3 bed semi-detached property (one of bedrooms is a box room). Currently 10 people living in it. Is there any legal/fire safety limits to the number of people that can live in a house?


I had a similar situation (illegal sub-let had 8 people living in a 2 bed apt).
Called the council and they suggested I contact the local fire brigade.

Insurance can also be an issue.
Contact your own company and ask how many you are insured to have in your own house.

Is the landlord aware of the overcrowding ?
It’s grounds for a termination of the lease.


Thanks for the information.


That’s a bit too far even for me #VoteNo


All info above is correct- Still a grey area as far as I know. Overcrowding is a grounds for a LL terminating tenancy under the RTA 2004 with regard to how many bedspaces are specified in the submitted return to the PRTB. Assuming the LL cares about the numbers in the property - I have seen it used to terminate a tenancy in a studio where the sole individual on the lease subsequently moved their partner and two children into the property :open_mouth:

In the 1964 Housing act each bedspace required 400 cubic feet of air. Therefore your average box room of 10ftx10ft and a defined max ceiling height of 8ft (presumably written in the context of the georgian tenements) would mean a max of two bedspaces - I presume this is what is still the benchmark for fire prevention regulations/interventions.


I once had 17 people living in a house in D4.
The landlord demanded a complete vacancy *after *(lease) term.


Was at a conference last month where a speaker from the PRTB mentioned that the overcrowding clause was the *least *used reason for obtaining vacancy.