Leinster House protest 20th September

Gardai were well set up on Kildare St today, expecting a fair crowd


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Protesters bringing gallows with politicians’ faces outside Leinster House ‘reprehensible’, says Tanaiste

Tanaiste Micheál Martin has said the erection of a gallows with politicians’ pictures outside Leinster House today is “reprehensible”.

Protesters took mock gallows and photographs of high-profile politicians to a demonstration outside Leinster House as the Dail returned following the summer recess.

Two men were arrested during the protest under the public order act and charged to appear in court.

The gallows, which featured an effigy of a man hanging from a noose, was adorned with portraits of politicians including Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald.

Images of enterprise minister Simon Coveney, education minister Norma Foley and minister for children Roderic O’Gorman also accompanied the display.

Depictions of opposition TDs including Eoin O Broin from Sinn Fein and Solidarity-People Before Profit deputies Paul Murphy and Brid Smith also featured.

Around 200 people gathered outside Leinster House, where the main entrance was fenced off by gardaí, on Wednesday as part of what has become a traditional day of protest for the return of the Dail session.

Far-right protesters shouted various chants against transgender rights, migration and planned hate speech laws.

Politicians and journalists entering the Leinster House premises were called “traitors” by the gathered crowd.

Demonstrators held signs featuring slogans such as “Irish lives matter” and “Ballybrack says no”.

Protesters bringing gallows with politicians’ faces outside Leinster House ‘reprehensible’, says Tanaiste | Independent.ie

It is claimed some TDs are trapped in Leinster House this evening, and afraid to leave


"Martin, who is in New York at the moment while attending a UN summit, added:

“We live in a parliamentary democracy, notwithstanding the flaws in any democracy, many people have commented to me here at the UN at various events that I have been at about how Ireland is politically effective now when harnessing civil society in our debates on a whole range of issues… people are actually interested in the processes we use to try and get greater input from civic society.

“There was no need for that kind of behaviour,” he said."

“how Ireland is politically effective now when harnessing civil society in our debates on a whole range of issues” :smirk:

The stuff in BOLD was expunged by the editing room in RTE for televised news broadcasts, noticing more and more of this style of propaganda by omission of late.
Itchy and Scratchy comes to mind.

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Radio Teilifis Government (RTG)

2:21 bump

The smell off this one is mighty.



UPDATE: May not be the same person (long video, but statement is in first minute)


This is turning ridiculous
Yesterday’s Dail protest being presented as some kind of January 6 event
Get a grip peeps

Remember they said “oh don’t’ protest there (outside a Councillor’s gaff) tut tut… protest here (the Dail)”, but now it’s as you saw a Jan 6ht event tut tut, you are just like the mythical Jan 6th, this is a wet fart production because so much if not all is:

Curated. Managed. Controlled. Nudged. Spun. Nudged again. Re Spun.

The last 24 hours looks text book playbook but to say that is the far-right playbook right? That’s their playbook playbook… who now? Wut?! :rofl:

See how bad this is, and you thought the property bubble was bad…


And it the 33rd Dail…:slightly_smiling_face:


To paraphrase Coolio:
Will we ever see 34? The way things are going I don’t know



Fine Gael Senator Barry Ward wrote to Mr Harris, saying the credibility of Gardaí will be “substantially eroded” if nothing is done.

“Public representatives should never be jostled, harassed or intimidated the way they were today, and the credibility of An Garda Síochána will be substantially eroded if action is not taken against these groups,” he wrote.

I am heartened that we’ve got the likes of Barry Ward as elected representatives. These people are so stupid, they will ultimately be the architects of their own downfall.

How is that security review going over at Dublin Airport after the pen knife from hell terror attack?


True. Lots of photos from yesterday, lots of media coverage.

Stabbing at the airport? Gone from the news cycle…

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Comments :popcorn:

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Rocket Man II Men

Eddie Rockets for da’ Ladies


LARP Watch:

At least 3 Feds in the 2nd pic, Black Caps + (maybe) Black Rugsacks.

The “robbed” phone…